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Belle and Sebastian
Since their first release in 1996, Glasgow-based cult icons Belle and Sebastian have been crafting sweetly whimsical tunes that smack of sentimental '60s pop. However, the disquieting juxtaposition of the precious and the macabre will have you hooked. (03/07/2006)
This Welsh quintet has been making mayhem and music for more than 12 years. And although their elaborate stunts have garnered the attention of the curious, it's the group's catalog of carefully crafted psychedelic pop gems that's earned them the undying love of critics and fans worldwide. (11/21/2005)
While many of us hit our 30s, still unsure who we'll be when we grow up, there are a few lucky individuals who are called early and go toward a seemingly prescribed destiny. Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee is, without a doubt, one of those lucky few. (10/31/2005)