Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Fourth-graders Haysem Sani and Mohamed Fofana died when part of a Mississippi River bluff collapsed on them in St. Paul's Lilydale Regional Park. Each of their families will get $80,000 in a legal settlement from the school district. (05/09/2014)
In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, the American Civil Liberties Union contends that city rules that restrict commercial activity in several designated "clean zones," unless the vendors have the league's permission are unconstitutional. (05/08/2014)
After seeing a staggering 35 candidates for office on last year's ballot, the Minneapolis Charter Commission decided to recommend that the city raise the filing fee for mayor from $20 to $250. (05/08/2014)
Current law says restaurants in largely residential areas of the city must earn at least 70 percent of their revenue from food sales -- meaning alcohol sales can't exceed 30 percent. (05/08/2014)
Bringing in Boylan shows how difficult the negotiations between Minneapolis and Met Council have become, but it also suggests the parties want to find a way to make a deal. (05/06/2014)
The complex was originally built to accommodate 1,000 inmates. Today, it houses more than 1,600. Many of the 6-foot-by-9-foot cells were retrofitted with bunk beds 10 years ago to increase capacity. (05/02/2014)
Dianna Shonville Jones, who moved out of the upstairs apartment at the end of September, alleges Paul Bertelson acted with "deliberate disregard for her rights" during the eight months she lived there. (04/30/2014)
Smartphone apps like Lyft and Uber connect people looking for rides with drivers who want to make extra money by turning their cars into virtual cabs. But Minneapolis cab companies argue the apps represent unfair competition. (04/30/2014)
The resolution drew cheers from Native American residents who packed the City Hall chamber today. (04/25/2014)
While much of Hodge's State of the City speech touched on the themes at the center of her successful campaign for the job -- growth, equality and competent management, she also encouraged Minneapolis residents to brag about the place they live. (04/24/2014)
In the engineering drawings, one of the two tunnels, the north tunnel, isn't buried all the way below the current ground level. Instead, the earth around it is built up in what city attorney Susan Segal described as a 10 to 12 foot high "berm." (04/18/2014)
Opponents have been holding the annual Good Friday protest for nearly 30 years. For the past 10 years or so, Planned Parenthood has staged a nearby counter demonstration, to raise money and rally its supporters. (04/18/2014)
Although the plastic in the foam is recyclable, it is one of the few types of plastic Minneapolis doesn't recycle. (04/16/2014)
The earplugs will be provided to the businesses at no cost thanks to a coalition of private funders, including the clothing company Locally Grown, Globally Known. Its president, Brian Felsen, says the goal is to make hearing protection as accessible as possible. (04/11/2014)
Years of red ink led the city to turn to a private management group to operate the courses at Como and Phalen parks. (04/09/2014)