Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Minneapolis landlords who do a bad job maintaining their properties and screening their tenants would face much higher city fees under a proposed ordinance. (04/07/2015)
Downtown is booming, but Mayor Betsy Hodges says many residents aren't benefitting. She outlined her plans for change Thursday in her State of the City speech. (04/02/2015)
Council members in February agreed to replace the city's longtime two-sailboat logo with a hip, one-boat look. Then they torpedoed the one-boat logo. But now they want it back. (04/02/2015)
The Knight Foundation is giving Jun-Li Wang $100,000 for two projects aimed at welcoming newcomers to the state. (03/31/2015)
A Minnetonka group claims the planned route would harm Opus Hill, a 49-acre natural area. It's the latest legal obstacle to the proposed rail line. (03/31/2015)
Some Minneapolis City Council members pushing for public money to renovate Target Center are calling it the nation's No. 3 concert venue. But there's some double counting at work. (03/31/2015)
CenturyLink contends it should not have to build out its networks in each city, as required by state law. Some worry that would allow the company to favor wealthy areas. (03/24/2015)
Walter Happel, 63, worked as a janitor at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus Elementary School until last year, when he was arrested for peeping at boys in the school's bathroom. (03/19/2015)
A city council panel voted Monday to negotiate an agreement with CenturyLink, which wants to offer cable service to parts of the city as an alternative to Comcast. (03/16/2015)
If you find yourself in the back of a police squad car in Minneapolis, chances are you're black. If you're the one who dialed 911, it's far more likely you're white. (03/13/2015)
Despite a costly recycling system overhaul, St. Paul's recycling rate has dropped slightly. It may not rise until the city invests in new carts a couple of years from now. (03/13/2015)
After spending $1 million to create a simpler recycling program that allows residents to put all their recyclables into one bin, the city saw a slight drop in recycling collections. (03/11/2015)
The city is paying Comcast more than $2 million to replace a free network service that is too slow. The city also will pay Comcast $400,000 a year to provide network service. (03/11/2015)
A police sergeant says city officials tried to kill an investigation that might have embarrassed the mayor. When he objected, he says, he was demoted. (03/10/2015)
When a rail car carrying crude oil explodes local responders are unlikely to have what they need to extinguish the flames. (03/10/2015)