Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Aiming to trim $341 million in costs from the light rail line, Metropolitan Council staff presented local leaders with about 50 possible reductions. City leaders didn't like what they heard. (05/20/2015)
Minnesota United Owner Bill McGuire is still hopeful he'll win the property-tax exemption he said he'll need to make the stadium financially viable. (05/19/2015)
Monday's game is the first of two exhibition matchups against the Sioux City Explorers. The home opener is Thursday. (05/18/2015)
Advocates hope body cameras will improve police accountability. But the cameras also record people at their most vulnerable. As lawmakers weigh policy changes, here's a look at what cops see daily. (05/11/2015)
To save costs, several elected leaders say they'd be willing to shorten the proposed rail line to control its rising budget. Pressure is building to cut the project's $2 billion price tag. (05/06/2015)
Mayor Chris Coleman has hired the university's Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking to examine how St. Paul handles complaints made against police. (05/01/2015)
Bill McGuire told MPR News today he'd be willing to sign the property over to Minneapolis, Hennepin County or some other public entity in order to get the exemption. (MPR News Update, 04/30/2015)
Doug Devorak claims Sister Mary Regina Hebig repeatedly fondled him when he was a fifth grader at St. Michael's Catholic School in Madison, Minn. Hebig is no longer alive. (04/29/2015)
Even a project supporter calls the new $2 billion cost estimate a huge setback. The Met Council's chairman says all options, including killing the proposed line, are on the table. (04/27/2015)
Officials blame ground conditions and soil contamination for much of the $341 million additional cost. Gov. Dayton says he's "shocked and appalled" by the news. (04/27/2015)
Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges opposes a property tax break for a new downtown soccer stadium. But some members of the City Council support it, perhaps enough to override a veto. (04/24/2015)
The city's Executive Committee voted Wednesday to increase the salaries of appointed officials by more than 7 percent over the next year. Republican lawmakers plan to hold that against the city. (04/22/2015)
Chief John Harrington has doubled the number of officers since arriving in 2012 and says he needs more. Some, though, question the department's costs and mission. (04/21/2015)
Six former employees say they were fired and replaced with younger workers at Community Action of Minneapolis, which was shut down last fall following a scathing state audit. (04/17/2015)
Former state legislator Keith Downey easily fended off two libertarian challengers. (04/11/2015)