Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

A city council panel voted Monday to negotiate an agreement with CenturyLink, which wants to offer cable service to parts of the city as an alternative to Comcast. (03/16/2015)
If you find yourself in the back of a police squad car in Minneapolis, chances are you're black. If you're the one who dialed 911, it's far more likely you're white. (03/13/2015)
Despite a costly recycling system overhaul, St. Paul's recycling rate has dropped slightly. It may not rise until the city invests in new carts a couple of years from now. (03/13/2015)
After spending $1 million to create a simpler recycling program that allows residents to put all their recyclables into one bin, the city saw a slight drop in recycling collections. (03/11/2015)
The city is paying Comcast more than $2 million to replace a free network service that is too slow. The city also will pay Comcast $400,000 a year to provide network service. (03/11/2015)
A police sergeant says city officials tried to kill an investigation that might have embarrassed the mayor. When he objected, he says, he was demoted. (03/10/2015)
When a rail car carrying crude oil explodes local responders are unlikely to have what they need to extinguish the flames. (03/10/2015)
A trip of a few miles can cost thousands, but the fees represent much more than car fare. (03/09/2015)
The nonprofit Lakes and Parks Alliance of Minneapolis argues in the suit that appropriate environmental review hasn't been conducted on the route through the project's Kenilworth Corridor, a popular recreation area. (03/06/2015)
More than 400 St. Paul employees will get a 1 percent raise because the Department of Veterans Affairs found some of the city's hiring practices violated state law. (03/04/2015)
A 24-year-old man shot by St. Paul police outside a University Avenue apartment building in January was armed and had used the weapon to threaten his ex-girlfriend in the past, according to 911 transcripts. (03/03/2015)
The park board will go along with plans for a train bridge crossing the channel between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles. The project still faces another legal hurdle. (02/27/2015)
Comcast disputed the city's allegations but agreed to the settlement as part of a larger deal that lets it provide cable TV service in St. Paul for another 10 years. (02/27/2015)
The city says it will reopen a Lilydale Regional Park trail this summer and let school groups use one of four fossil sites in the fall. The landslide site remains closed. (02/25/2015)
Officers harshly criticized department officials last year when they got the chance to comment anonymously about the department. Police officials say morale is better now. (02/25/2015)