Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Five leading DFL candidates for Minneapolis mayor outlined their positions on taxes, public safety and stadium funding today. The candidates met for the first debate in the city's most hotly contested mayoral race in a generation. (03/27/2013)
The debate at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School is designed to help DFL voters decide which candidate to support ahead of precinct caucuses on April 16. (03/27/2013)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman says the keys to the city's future are "tracks, trails, talent, technology and traction." Coleman made those "five Ts" the theme of his 8th annual State of the City speech Monday, also focusing on some of the challenges St. Paul faces. (03/25/2013)
Minneapolis received about $4 million more than it expected from restaurant and hospitality taxes last year. (03/22/2013)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has not officially announced whether he will run for re-election this year, but he is widely expected to seek a third term. At the moment, the DFL incumbent appears to be a shoo-in in this one-party town, in spite of a record that includes substantial tax increases and weak job growth. (03/18/2013)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has not yet announced whether will seek re-election yet. So far he doesn't even have a challenger. The only other candidate has dropped out. In the seven years since Coleman took office St. Paul has experienced higher property taxes, benefited from modestly lower crime, and spent public money to re-invest in the city's downtown. (03/18/2013)
Minneapolis officials have lifted the evacuation of an area of southwest Minneapolis bounded by 39th and 42nd streets and Upton and Zenith avenues because of a gas leak. Officials say residents can now return to their homes. (03/13/2013)
Candidates who want to run for Minneapolis mayor may have to pay a higher fee to enter the race. The city's Charter Commission is proposing a raised filing fee of $250, up from $20. Supporters say the move will weed out "frivolous candidates," but critics call it undemocratic. (03/07/2013)
This legislative session could be a good one for Minneapolis and St. Paul: With DFLers in control at the Capitol, Minnesota's two largest cities see opportunities to get more state money for their local priorities. (03/04/2013)
People who want to see more sidewalk cafes in downtown St. Paul will clash this week with those concerned about limited parking. (03/04/2013)
A St. Paul man is being held on $1 million bail after being charged with second-degree murder in the disappearance of his wife. (02/28/2013)
The city clerk's office says Minneapolis needs to spend an additional $385,000 on it's next election -- that's an increase of more than 60 percent. (02/27/2013)
The city of St. Paul is being sued in federal court over an alleged incident of police brutality from 2007. (02/23/2013)
Minneapolis got what sounded like a glowing report card today. A poll finds that 96 percent of its residents are satisfied with city services. Despite the high marks, the city could be doing better. (02/21/2013)
A new recycling program in Minneapolis is proving popular with residents. (02/20/2013)