Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Sabo said he decided to speak out about the project and its $1.7 billion cost after hearing some of the recent arguments made by proponents of the line, including how it would help low-income people on Minneapolis' North Side. (06/19/2014)
Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson has inquired about the possibility of suspending Minneapolis Civil Rights Director Velma Korbel, in light of a speech Korbel gave last year to employees in her department. (06/18/2014)
The agreement gave the Hubbard family the "right to distribute" up to three channels over the satellite system, provided the programming met a set of criteria. (06/17/2014)
A recently released text of a speech Velma Korbel made last year to employees lends credence to complaints about her management style. She is also engaged in an unusually public feud with the chair of the City Council committee overseeing her department. (06/16/2014)
Six of seven council members have have signed onto a plan to borrow more than $20 million dollars to address the problem. That money would allow the city to reconstruct about 10 miles of major arterial streets. (06/11/2014)
According to the reports, motorists cited for running lights and making illegal turns, and pedestrians cited for jaywalking were responsible for the vast majority of the incidents. (06/10/2014)
For the first time, the city of Minneapolis is making so-called "power dogs" available for adoption at its animal shelter. This includes Dobermans, Rottweilers and pit bulls. (06/05/2014)
The Minneapolis Charter Commission last night moved to hold a referendum on the so-called 70-30 rule, which says restaurants in residential neighborhoods have to make the bulk of their revenue selling food. The ballot question is part of a larger movement to restructure the city's alcohol regulations. (06/05/2014)
Minneapolis licenses nearly 1,000 food vendors for community events each year, and the city's goal will be to inspect all of them. (06/02/2014)
Activists from north Minneapolis are pushing the city to approve the light rail project over objections from southwest Minneapolis residents concerned it will harm a scenic recreation area. (05/30/2014)
Seema Desai, who spent two years investigating employment discrimination cases on behalf of the city's Civil Rights Department, claimed the city violated her rights as an employee. (05/27/2014)
The St. Paul Public Schools apologized on Wednesday. Officials released a statement saying the district was "concerned and disturbed" by the new charges, adding, "we are sorry and feel terribly that this had happened, though we know this is nothing compared to how our families feel." (05/21/2014)
The population of Minneapolis peaked in the 1950s, when it was well over 500,000. The number declined significantly after that and bottomed out at around 370,000 in the 1980s. The population has crept back slowly since then. (05/20/2014)
The Shakopee prison houses more than 600 women, including nearly a hundred serving sentences for homicide. State money is poised to give it something it's never had before: a fence. (05/20/2014)
Downtown businesses have already committed $25 million to the project. Construction is scheduled to start next year. (05/19/2014)