Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

For the last two months, 12 percent of Northstar trains have been delayed. Normally, only 2 percent arrive late. (02/27/2014)
The city says snowbanks have grown so large that there's not enough room for emergency vehicles to squeeze down some of the streets. (02/27/2014)
Troy Lewis said several of the electric baseboard heaters on the second and third floor of the duplex didn't work at all, including the ones in his children's bedrooms. Landlord Paul Bertelson says Lewis never raised any concerns about the heat. (02/26/2014)
Fire investigation, once more of an art, has become increasingly scientific. (02/25/2014)
Rep. David FitzSimmons, R-Albertville, lost the endorsement to Eric Lucero in the District 30B contest. Lucero was harshly critical of FitzSimmons' 2013 vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. (02/22/2014)
Starting at 8 a.m. Sunday morning, parking will be prohibited on the even-numbered sides of all streets, except those marked as "snow emergency routes" and parkways. (02/22/2014)
Road conditions remain difficult across most of the eastern half of Minnesota more than a day after a storm dumped snow totals ranging from 6 to 18 inches. (02/22/2014)
A study recommended the city instead negotiate an agreement with Xcel to buy greener forms of energy. (02/22/2014)
Twin Cities & Western railroad company has rejected a proposal to re-route its trains through St. Louis Park and the Counties Transit Improvement Board has now given Minneapolis and St. Louis Park until the end of June to settle their differences, or else funding could be revoked. (02/20/2014)
Investigators have been unable to determine the cause of a fire that killed five children in north Minneapolis on Friday. (02/19/2014)
The council is developing strategic priorities that will guide the city over the next four years. A draft of those goals includes eliminating racial inequities in housing, education, income and health. (02/19/2014)
An investigation is under way, and five people are now confirmed dead, at least three of them children, after fire swept through the second floor of a duplex in north Minneapolis on Friday. (02/15/2014)
Fire crews were called to the neighborhood at about 5 a.m. on a report of smoke in the area. They found a fire in a duplex at 2818 Colfax Ave. N. where 15 people were living. Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel said firefighters attempted to rescue people in the building in what he called very precarious conditions. (02/14/2014)
Hennepin County has given the city of Minneapolis until the end of the year to institute a residential composting program. (02/11/2014)
The Minneapolis mayor wrote to city workers today: "I also want to thank those employees who came forward and cooperated in the investigation" that led to the ouster of Rocco Forte, the city's former emergency management director. (02/10/2014)