Mary Lucia Feature Archive

I hardly feel worthy of reviewing an album by possibly my favorite artist of all time, but it's my job to let the millions of Bowie fans know: you can rejoice! We've all been so hungry; it's time to be fed. (03/11/2013)
Adelaide, Australia's Atlas Genius got signed to Warner Brothers in the wake of the success of their sleek, melodic indie-rock tune "Trojans," released as a single back in 2011. The quartet gave us a taste of their evolving sound on last summer's <em>Through the Glass</em> EP, and just a couple of weeks ago they released their debut LP <em>When It Was Now</em>. (03/08/2013)
At only 22, British singer-songwriter Dan Croll has already kicked up a storm of buzz in his native country with his unique cocktail of charming, melodic indie rock and sleek, subtle electronic pop stylings. (03/05/2013)
Eels, the shape-shifting and long-running band that serves as a vehicle for the neuroses, quirks and fascinations of singer-songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, have entered the eighteenth year of their prolific and always-surprising career. (02/22/2013)
Yo La Tengo are one of indie rock's longest-running and most prolific acts &mdash; active since 1984, they've humbly churned out over a dozen full-lengths and seemingly countless EPs and singles. (02/04/2013)
Every new Eels record is like checking in on Mark Oliver Everett. How's he doing? Is he in love? Has someone close to him died? Has he gotten another cat? (02/04/2013)
It's nice to have a few new attempts at well-worn Christmas tunes by current artists. (12/17/2012)
Mary Lucia talks to legendary Black Flag frontman, spoken word artist, writer and activist Henry Rollins about topics ranging from today's tragedy in Connecticut to this week's Hurricane Sandy benefit and more. (12/14/2012)
Portland-based rock duo The Helio Sequence have been at it for over a decade, crafting densely sonically textured indie rock and pop and continually honing their nuanced songwriting. (12/02/2012)
The third time proves to be the charm as JD McPherson returns to The Current for his third in-studio performance of the year! (11/29/2012)
Snow Patrol's major label debut vaulted them to global alt-rock stardom in 2003. Currently on an extensive tour, they stopped by the studios for a session with Mary Lucia. (10/31/2012)
In the immediate wake of the Sex Pistols' dramatic 1978 breakup, John Lydon shed his "Rotten" persona and emerged with Public Image Ltd, a new outfit whose dark, strange sound defined the new direction the UK music scene would soon pursue. (10/22/2012)
A decade ago, Grizzly Bear was the moniker for vocalist and keyboardist Ed Droste's bedroom recordings. Today, Grizzly Bear is a four-piece band four albums deep into a career as one of indie rock's defining voices. (10/01/2012)
To get you in the mood for what will surely be a special evening, Conor Oberst stopped by The Current studios on the afternoon before his Fitzgerald Theater performance squeeze in a few bonus songs omitted from his set tonight. (09/20/2012)
"How Do You Like Me Now?" is the title of The Heavy's smash-hit single that has been featured in movies, television shows and commercials since 2009. And the world's answer to their question is increasingly: "A whole lot!" (09/19/2012)