Mary Lucia Feature Archive

When The Ponys started out in 2000 they - like many other bands at the time - were labeled "garage rock." The Chicago four-piece no longer fit under that simple description, as they've expanded their live and studio sound beyond that simple moniker. (05/04/2007)
Joseph Arthur has released two albums in quick succession. In 2006, he released "Nuclear Daydream," and "Let's Just Be" hit stores in April 2007. After years as a solo artist, he's now recording and touring with his band, the Lonely Astronauts. (04/27/2007)
Mary Lucia interviewed writer Martin Keller, author of Music Legends: A Rewind on the Minnesota Music Scene, and musician Dan Murphy, member of the bands Soul Asylum and Golden Smog. (04/26/2007)
The lead singer of The Frames, Glen Hansard, started his career as a busker in Dublin. In 1990, he gathered together a bunch of musicians he knew from the streets and formed the band. After seventeen years of hard work, The Frames are one of the most popular bands in their native Ireland. (04/17/2007)
Sometimes after playing in seven bands in a decade, a guy just wants to spend some time alone. At least, Mike Kinsella did. He's was in Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, and American Football, but he spends his time performing as Owen now. (04/05/2007)
Jonathan Lethem has a new novel about indie rockers and young performance artists living in Los Angeles. But he is also shopping a new idea -- that artists and businesses keep too tight a hold on copyrights, and that the artistic spirit would flourish if everyone agreed to loosen that grip. (04/02/2007)
Low is now a teenager. The Duluth band formed in 1994. Drummer Mimi Parker and guitarist Alan Sparhawk go back even farther than that - the spouses met in elementary school. Matt Livingston - the third bassist in their history - rounds out the group. (03/30/2007)
To say that Joe Boyd was a man in the right place at the right time is a bit of an understatement. He oversaw Dylan going electric. He produced Pink Floyd before their first album. He worked with the doomed singer-songwriter Nick Drake. He brought Dueling Banjos to the radio. He set up the company that produces Saturday Night Live, the Conan O'Brien show and Mean Girls. (03/28/2007)
Mary Lucia hosted a live broadcast from Gluek's in downtown Minneapolis where she talked with reporter Lisa Ling, local author Dennis Cass, and singer/songwriter Chris Koza. (03/28/2007)
Cloud Cult, the Minnesota band with an extremely devoted national following, have a new album coming out. It's called The Meaning of 8. The band are famed for their live shows, which mix their music with videos, light shows and even have a couple of painters on stage who create during concerts. (03/27/2007)
For more than a decade, Eric Tretbar has been making movies filmed in and set in Minneapolis. His movies feature characters hanging out in the local music scene, which Tretbar knows pretty well from playing in bands like The Funseekers in the 1980s and The Spectors in the early '90s. (03/22/2007)
SSM are a trio from Detroit that have roots in garage rock, punk, and even a little bit of new wave and prog rock. It's a catchy, buzzy mix. (03/21/2007)
Mando Diao's plan when they formed was to save rock n' roll. The Swedish group claim to believe their recordings are better than anything by The Who, The Kinks, or The Small Faces. (03/16/2007)
On his new album The Third Hand, RJD2 completely reinvents his sound. He's no longer pure hip-hop. He's made a pop record. It was written, arranged, produced and performed entirely by RJD2, born Ramble John "RJ" Krohn. There's not a sample on an album from a man famed for his creative use of layered samples. (03/16/2007)
Bonde Do Role hail from Curitiba, Brazil. They play what is alternately known as baile funk, favela funk or funk carioca. Marina, the vocalist for the group, raps over a mish-mash of rapid beats and samples. It's basically dance music meant for blasting at parties and clubs. Their American debut is Gasolina. (03/16/2007)