Mary Lucia Feature Archive

The lead singer of Pedro the Lion is currently touring in support of his latest solo effort "Fewer Moving Parts." He talked about his other solo projects, touring with Vic Chestnut, and working while wearing pajamas. (09/05/2007)
"Weird Al" Yankovic's career has outlasted the careers of many the artists he has been parodying since the early '80s. He even had a top 10 single last year with "White and Nerdy." (08/27/2007)
Brooklyn-born Talib Kweli first got attention as part of Black Star, which he formed with his high-school buddy Mos Def. He's now known for crossing over to work with and sample pop artists such as Justin Timberlake and Ben Kweller. (08/24/2007)
Chris Osgood's legendary local punk group The Suicide Commandos plays the Minnesota State Fair Grand Stand this weekend. In 1974, when Osgood formed the band with Dave Ahl and Steve Almaas, who would have thought that they would ever play that most mainstream of Minnesota events, the State Fair? (08/23/2007)
Conrad Sverkerson, stage manager and long-standing icon of the First Avenue nightclub, received a Sound Unseen Festival Artist of Distinction at 2007's multimedia event. (08/22/2007)
The Cribs have a new album out entitled "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever." While the trio of brothers, the older of which are twins, didn't elaborate on those needs, they did talk with Mary Lucia about recording their latest release with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand at Bryan Adam's studios in Vancouver, Canada. (08/02/2007)
A band of local music writers have gathered together to start a new magazine called Reveille. Andrea Myers is one of those founders. She joined The Current's Mary Lucia at Gluek's to explain why they thought there was a need for a new place to read about music. (07/27/2007)
Pianist and singer Jenny Dalton has been writing original piano songs since she was about eight years old. She has never had any formal training and cannot read music, but that doesn't stop her from writing soulful and intimate songs. (07/27/2007)
Rachel Raimist makes films, writes books, teaches at colleges, and lectures around the country about Hip Hop and women. She joined Mary Lucia in the studio to talk about how she first became a lover of Hip Hop and what it means to be a Hip-Hop feminist. (07/20/2007)
Newscastle's Maximo Park, touring the U.S. in support of the new album, "Our Earthly Pleasures," aimed to craft a warmer sound than that on the Mercury Prize-nominated debut. Mary Lucia talked with Paul Smith about karaoke and having an original sound. (07/17/2007)
At the 2007 Minnesota Music Awards, The Alarmists were declared the best new band. They're now releasing "The Ghost and the Hired Gun" and hope to solidify their reputation. (07/16/2007)
Mary interviews Andy Samberg from SNL and the movie "Hot Rod." (07/10/2007)
Prince fans told stories of waiting outside overnight to get tickets. Bloggers endlessly critiqued the show. But what was the Purple One's impromptu concert like from the club's point of view? (07/09/2007)
Douglas Wolk is the author of "Reading Comics." Mary Lucia chatted with him at The Current's live broadcast from Gluek's about super-heroes and why Harvey Pekar - the subject of American Splendor - is a bad influence. (06/28/2007)
Author Dennis Cass spends years writing his book "Head Case: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain." Now he's a freelance writer, journalist, and sometimes teacher. He told Mary Lucia that he's got some time on his hands. (06/25/2007)