Mary Lucia Feature Archive

Though first finding his footing in writing music for movies, Pete Yorn's folky songwriting has grown far from the silver screen. (08/12/2009)
Silversun Pickups' first hit "Lazy Eye" didn't follow any of the conventions of songwriting - including a bridge or any sort of chorus - but they still create complete and compelling songs. (08/10/2009)
Craig Finn is never at a loss for words, he has a lot to say in his own music so we knew he would make a perfect Theft of The Dial guest host to talk about other people's music. (07/24/2009)
After 30+ years of being at the forefront of the alternative rock vanguard, Sonic Youth show no signs of slowing down. With this year's release of their 16th studio album - "The Eternal", on Matador Records" - the band has once again earned critical and mass acclaim for their genre-bending sound that defies categorization. (07/22/2009)
Free Energy is a new band based in Philadelphia, PA and created by Red Wing, MN native Paul Sprangers. The band used to be known throughout the Twin Cities music scene as Hockey Night. (07/16/2009)
Frank Black, Black Francis, Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. Call him what you will because he doesn't mind. He's the iconic lead singer of the cult favorites The Pixies with a successful solo career and an album with his side project, Grand Duchy. (07/10/2009)
The core members of the English indie-rock band The Heavy are Kelvin Swaby and Dan Taylor. Their sound combines guitar and funky horns and has been described as hip-hop soul music. (07/07/2009)
The futuristic-electro-rock French four-piece Phoenix grew out of the same music scene that sprouted bands like Air and Daft Punk. (06/23/2009)
After finding musical success together and apart over the last 20 years, Matt Wilson and John Munson have rejoined forces as The Twilight Hours. (06/02/2009)
After playing together for over 20 years, the three members of the Doves have figured out a method to their music making madness, most recently working on an album for over three years in an English countryside farmhouse. (05/28/2009)
Handing the controls over to P.O.S (Steph) was a blast. We're lucky we got P.O.S. before he takes off to tour Europe for a month, join the Warped tour, and then go out west for shows with (GASP!) The Bad Brains! (05/21/2009)
Although their breakout success came with "Writer's Block" in 2006, Peter Bjorn and John had been flexing their Swedish musical muscles for years before, and in their latest release they prove they'll be flexing for many years to come. (04/21/2009)
English singer/songwriter Robyn Hitchcock has traveled across musical genres - from his punk beginnings in the '70s to his current storytelling style. (04/20/2009)
The indie-rock quartet uses influences from all over the UK and combines them with rockabilly and doo-wop sensibilities, creating a sound that has gained them wide ranging praise from around the globe. Their self-titled debut was released in January, 2009. (04/07/2009)
The Ting Tings have gained fans from around the globe, flexing their versatile musical muscles by shining on both indie and top 40 charts in the last twelve months. (04/06/2009)