Mary Lucia Feature Archive

After many independent labels and attempts to break into the international music scene, Fanfarlo took things into their own hands and released their album for $1 on their Web site. The result? A national tour of the United States and plenty of international dates as well. (11/12/2009)
Melding their specific combination of punk, garage rock, and even pop and soul, the Austin, TX trio known as White Denim formed about three and a half years ago when members of two bands, Parque Touch and Peach Train, met and decided to start playing together in 2005. (11/05/2009)
Nearly 30 years into their career together, the Johns of They Might Be Giants - Flansburgh and Linnell - have just released their 14th studio album, the entertaining and educational "Here Comes Science." Continuing in their recent vein of children's music, the album touches on plenty of scientific topics, like paleontology, astronomy and chemistry. (11/03/2009)
Sea Wolf's debut album "Leaves in the River" was released in 2007, which included the well-received song, "You're A Wolf." The latest release "White Water, White Bloom" was released in the fall of 2009. (09/30/2009)
Drawing inspiration from their hometowns in central and northern Alberta, Canada, The Rural Alberta Advantage reflect their upbringing not only in their name and album title but in their music as well. The three-piece layer vocal haromies over intricate drumming and driving guitar to reflect the landscape and culture of Alberta and growing up in it. (09/25/2009)
Playing the piano has always been a part of Russian-born Regina Spektor's life. She grew up in a family of musicians with her father, a violinist, and her mother, a music professor. She took piano lessons in Russia until 1989 when her family moved via Austria and Italy to the Bronx, where she continued studying classical piano. (09/11/2009)
Following the August release of, "Invincible Criminal," Mark Mallman graced our broadcast booth at the Minnesota State Fair to play us some songs and shoot some thoughts around with Mary Lucia. (09/03/2009)
Chris Koza has been keeping busy with his band since his 2008 release, "The Dark, Delirious Morning," and we're excited to invite him to the Current State Fair stage! Check out this live interview and music session featuring Koza's passionate pop-folk style. (09/02/2009)
The first Monday of our State Fair comes fully equipped with friend foods on sticks and local (and national) music favorites, Halloween, Alaska. Drummer Dave King talks about their failed gigs and what has been thrown at them while on tour. (08/31/2009)
Local singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith began recording his own work after auditing a songwriting course at North Central University in Minneapolis. He soon started playing shows locally and handing out demos of his work. Princess Records quickly signed him for his first full length album released in 2006 titled "The Alcatraz Kid." (08/28/2009)
Making her second appearance at The Current booth at the Minnesota State Fair, singer-songwriter Haley Bonar debuted three new songs at her performance on the opening day of the fair. (08/27/2009)
"Humbug," the band's third album, was recorded at Rancho De Luna in Joshua Tree and was produced by Queens of the Stone Age /Eagles of Death Metal's Josh Homme. (08/19/2009)
Though first finding his footing in writing music for movies, Pete Yorn's folky songwriting has grown far from the silver screen. (08/12/2009)
Silversun Pickups' first hit "Lazy Eye" didn't follow any of the conventions of songwriting - including a bridge or any sort of chorus - but they still create complete and compelling songs. (08/10/2009)
Craig Finn is never at a loss for words, he has a lot to say in his own music so we knew he would make a perfect Theft of The Dial guest host to talk about other people's music. (07/24/2009)