Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

Southwestern Minnesota is likely to be strong territory for amendment supporters. DFL lawmaker Lyle Koenen was one of three DFLers to break with his party and vote to put the amendment on the ballot. Locals say people here prefer to keep their political opinions close to the vest. Opinions run deep, and people are divided. (10/16/2012)
A former Senate Republican spokesman claims Republicans put the marriage amendment on the November ballot to get conservatives to the polls. (10/16/2012)
Hotel maven Marilyn Carlson Nelson spoke out against the proposed marriage amendment today. (10/10/2012)
Supporters of a constitutional amendment to define marriage brought Canada's experience into the debate. (10/08/2012)
In 2009, Iowa's Supreme Court ruled that limiting civil marriage to a union between a man and a woman violated the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution. It became the third state in the nation, and the first in the heartland, to legalize marriage between same-sex couples. (09/24/2012)
Opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment that would make marriage only between a man and a woman say a key component to defeating the measure will be conversations with voters designed to elicit compassion for gays and lesbians. (09/14/2012)
How children fare growing up in gay or lesbian families is one question at the heart of Minnesota's debate over the proposed marriage amendment. (09/06/2012)
Officers were called to the Red Roof Inn about 1:30 a.m. Friday and evacuated the hotel as they negotiated with the gunman. (08/31/2012)
A Republican-led legislative panel has rejected new contracts for more than 27,000 state employees. (08/30/2012)
A group representing Minnesota pediatricians is opposed to a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would ban same-sex marriage. (08/28/2012)
The Roseville City Council has gone on the record unanimously opposing a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot that defines marriage as between one woman and one man. (08/28/2012)
Minnesotans now have access to extensive new data on primary health care providers across the state to help choose the best quality care. (08/28/2012)
Latinos are overwhelmingly Catholic, and the Catholic Church has made passage of the marriage amendment a top political priority. (08/27/2012)
The political season has kicked into high gear at the Minnesota State Fair, which offers candidates and advocates a chance to meet voters just 10 weeks before the November election. (08/24/2012)
An employee of a Catholic organization will be allowed to make an anonymous political donation to a cause the church opposes because being named could result in job loss. (08/17/2012)