Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

Parts of Minnesota are seeing the worst armyworm infestation in decades. The worms are damaging crops from the southeastern part of the state up through west central Minnesota and into North Dakota. (07/28/2013)
Smokers will now have to use designated areas, rather than smoking as they walk around the fair. Smoking is already banned in the fair's buildings and entertainment venues, like the bandshell and the grandstand. (07/25/2013)
Minnesota's new marriage law goes into effect Aug. 1, creating new urgency for many faith communities about whether they will perform such weddings, particularly those that have been wrestling with how to address sexual orientation for decades. Among those torn over the issue are Methodists, who have a unique history on the matter in Minnesota. (07/22/2013)
Same-sex couples can legally wed in Minnesota on Aug. 1. Marriage in the eyes of the state's many faith communities, however, is a different matter. Reactions from Minnesota religious organizations -- and sometimes from within those organizations -- vary widely. (07/22/2013)
A debate on the nation's immigration policies was sparked when an immigration audit of a Spanish immersion child care operator in the Twin Cities found a number of employees whose employment eligibility in the United States is in question. (07/18/2013)
Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez told a gathering of business and immigration leaders today that if the United States doesn't welcome talent from abroad by changing its immigration policies, its global competitors will. (07/15/2013)
No doubt about it, the mosquitoes are bad this year after a very wet spring. But exactly how bad are they? This week, the mosquito population is three-times as high as the 10-year average. (07/12/2013)
African-American kids between the ages of 5 and 14 years old are three times more likely to drown than their white peers. The YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, which runs 22 pools, has been trying to change that. (07/05/2013)
Residents in St. Cloud are warned that three rabid skunks have been found in the south side of the city in the past three weeks. (06/28/2013)
Maria De La Cruz screamed with joy after her colleagues at OutFront Minnesota told her that the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down a provision in the federal Defense of Marriage Act. (06/26/2013)
Tree removal crews and utility trucks line the streets in communities still recovering from last weekend's powerful storms. Xcel Energy officials say the company is working to restore power to thousands of customers in the metro area. (06/25/2013)
The Annie E. Casey Foundation analyzed federal data on economic well-being, education, health and family & community. It found New Hampshire ranked first, and New Mexico ranked last. (06/24/2013)
The group on the losing end of a same-sex marriage legalization debate in Minnesota has confirmed it was significantly outspent on legislative lobbying. (06/14/2013)
The faces in stained glass that inspire worshippers at the Pilgrim Baptist Church aren't those of a white Jesus and the saints. Instead, they're the faces of the black ministers who led the church, and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (06/13/2013)
A Minnesota law enforcement training program mired in controversy last year has been overhauled and relaunched. (06/07/2013)