Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

Sunday marks 100 days until the November election. Both sides in the campaign over the marriage amendment are in high gear. (07/29/2012)
Marriage amendment supporters in Minnesota are counting on strong support from the African-American community come Election Day, when they hope to change the state constitution so that it blocks same-sex marriage. (07/25/2012)
Opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment on marriage have widened their financial lead but supporters say they are confident the amendment will prevail anyway. (07/19/2012)
Groups on both sides of the debate over the marriage amendment in Minnesota have reported their early summer fundraising information to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board. (07/18/2012)
The City of Minneapolis led population growth in the Twin Cities seven-county metro region last year. (07/16/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has finalized plans for the state's first-ever wolf hunting season this fall and winter. (07/12/2012)
The issue of who should be able to marry divides families, churches, towns and political parties. That's evident on the Iron Range, a socially conservative DFL stronghold where both sides hope to win -- and where feelings about the amendment run deep. (06/29/2012)
With parts of northeastern Minnesota devastated by flooding following heavy rains on Wednesday, some are worried about how flood damage will affect the region's $800 million tourism industry. (06/22/2012)
Heavy storms this morning left about 55,000 customers without power in the eastern part of the Twin Cities, and another 15,000 without power in the west metro. (06/19/2012)
Summer vacation may have started for some kids, but school starts again today for other students in the Minneapolis and St. Paul public school systems. (06/18/2012)
The Ramsey County attorney has filed seven felony-level charges against a former employee of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul in Minneapolis. (06/15/2012)
About 120 religious leaders of different faiths today announced the formation of Clergy United for All Families, which will work to defeat the marriage amendment on the November ballot. (06/07/2012)
More than a hundred religious leaders who oppose Minnesota's proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage will gather at a faith summit today in Minneapolis. (06/07/2012)
Ten t-shirts for sale on Target's retail website, featuring slogans like "Harmony," "Pride" and "Love is Love," are causing some disharmony: They're being sold as a fundraiser supporting a marriage equality group. (06/01/2012)
Local, state and federal law enforcement officials have some advice on keeping kids safe, shutting down demand for sex trafficking, particularly of underage girls, and driving it out of neighborhoods. (05/30/2012)