Marianne Combs Feature Archive

Michael Kaiser, President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, spoke this morning to a group of arts leaders at the Ordway in St. Paul. His message? Don't panic. (08/26/2009)
While many people consider mosaics to be a sort of craft, enthusiasts know that it can also be high art, in the right hands. (07/17/2009)
Artist Jessie DeCorsey paints religious icons using everyday people as her models. (06/29/2009)
A small company in Stillwater has given birth to a new musical instrument called the Reverie Harp, which is so easy to play that anyone can make beautiful music. The harp is becoming a hit with therapists, patients and their loved ones, who use it to calm stressful times. (05/20/2009)
Tonight the University of Minnesota is launching a three-day, international conference celebrating the work of Minnesota poet Robert Bly. The 82-year-old's legacy includes not just his poetry, but his work as a translator, an editor, and the leader of the men's movement. (04/16/2009)
Artists are often compelled to commemorate tragic events through their work - a song, a sculpture, in paintings or writing. But what about jewelry? (04/09/2009)
People who suffer from chronic illness or debilitating trauma are often also afflicted by depression, deep frustration and low self-esteem. However a new program in the HealthEast network of hospitals is finding they can better improve their patients moods, and as a result, their health, through art. (04/05/2009)
In what could have been an episode of "Antiques Roadshow," a pastor in Dassel, Minn., has discovered a painting by one of the most pre-eminent Parisian Romantic painters of the 19th century. (03/31/2009)
Each year the Ordway present the Sally awards to individuals or institutions for their contributions to the state's cultural life. This year the Ordway is recognizing Bruce Coppock, former managing director of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. (03/31/2009)
For the second time this year, the Minnesota Orchestra has announced budget cuts. (03/27/2009)
The Guthrie Theater is enacting wage freezes, work furloughs and layoffs in response to an anticipated 14 percent drop in revenue in the coming year. (03/25/2009)
The Guthrie Theater has announced its 2009-2010 season which contains 20 productions, including "The Importance of Being Earnest" and "Macbeth." (03/23/2009)
As the economic recession deepens, colleges and their students are feeling the pressure to stay afloat. Private art schools are facing their own particular challenges, convincing families they can lead a student to a successful career. (03/23/2009)
The decision was made last night despite the protests of Lowertown residents who say a train garage will seriously mar Lowertown's appeal as a neighborhood. (03/19/2009)
Minnesota author Bill Holm has died. Holm, who was also an English professor at Southwest Minnesota State University, was 65. (02/26/2009)