Bianca Vazquez Toness Feature Archive

Federal officials unveiled a revamped food pyramid last week. They pushed the old tiered graphic on its side, and created an interactive Web site that suggests daily diet based on someone's age, gender, and physical activity. A Minneapolis couple created a satirical Web site mocking the official one. (04/28/2005)
It's springtime, which means it's almost time for prom. While the days can be beautiful, women and their daughters have been inside, shopping for the perfect dress. (04/22/2005)
A new consulate serving Ecuadorians in the area opened last month. The office, staffed entirely by volunteers, operates two nights a week, in addition to one Saturday a month. (04/22/2005)
The April 15 tax deadline to file taxes causes most Americans stress and anguish. But for the millions of people living and working illegally in the United States, filing taxes can be an opportunity to prove their economic contribution and document their residence here. (04/10/2005)
Spanish-language media in the Twin Cities has grown quickly along with the boom in the Latino population. But many wonder if the market can support the dozen or so publications aimed at Spanish-speakers in the area. That's even more true now that there are new broadcast media players entering the picture. (03/28/2005)
Some Minnesota school children can't get in-state tuition to Minnesota's colleges and universities. But that might change soon. A bill before the Legislature would give Minnesota students who are not legal residents of the United states the right to pay the same amount as kids who were born here. (03/02/2005)