Bianca Vazquez Toness Feature Archive

Northwest Airlines flight attendants' union filed suit Thursday to stop the Eagan-based company from training replacement flight attendants, who would fill in if there's a strike. (07/22/2005)
More than 5,000 veterinarians are in Minneapolis for the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Talk of bio and agriterrorism has put veterinarians on the front lines of national defense. (07/20/2005)
DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson and Gov. Tim Pawlenty flew around the state yesterday offering Minnesotans their assessment of the legislative session. They had a lot of explaining to do since Minnesotans are still complaining about the state government shutdown, which put about nine thousand state employees out of work and halted some government services for eight days. (07/15/2005)
The proposed 75-cents-a-pack increase in the cigarette tax is likely to discourage people from smoking. But can the state afford fewer smokers? (07/12/2005)
To many, Girl Scouts are as American as the flag and apple pie. But the scouts are adapting, changing their ways to attract and keep girls who haven't traditionally joined a troop, including the children of immigrants. Scouting seems to particularly appeal to Muslims girls. (07/11/2005)
Among the state employees who didn't work Friday are 700 in the Department of Public Safety. That meant offices in charge of giving driving exams were closed. Some people didn't know about the shutdown or had gotten assurances that the services they needed would still be available. (07/01/2005)
A young couple in Minneapolis makes a name for themselves as the largest local tamale supplier in the Twin Cities. Now they're ramping up production to get their tamales in grocery stores across the state. (06/13/2005)
Mainstream hip-hop music can offer a view of the world that's about drugs and violence, and it's not very nice to women, either. But there are some people who say it doesn't have to be that way. They call themselves B-girls, and they're coming out to play in Minneapolis this weekend. (06/02/2005)
Thousands of Minnesotans celebrated Memorial Day at Fort Snelling National Cemetary in the Twin Cities. Many came to honor military veterans, while others were there primarily to visit their loved ones' graves. (05/30/2005)
Mexico is opening a new consulate in St. Paul next month. The office will serve the thousands of Mexicans living in Minnesota, the Dakotas and northern Wisconsin. But Mexicans aren't the only ones celebrating. (05/24/2005)
Manuel Marcatoma, 42, arrived in Minnesota in 1998. He's from a rural area outside the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. He worked there in house construction as a carpenter. (05/15/2005)
Marta Morales, 43, has been living in Minneapolis for four years. She's from Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. (05/15/2005)
For Gerardo Cajamarca, it was his fight against globalization that brought him to Minnesota. (05/15/2005)
Pedro and Maria Ochoa, from Guatemala, have lived in Minneapolis 10 years. (05/15/2005)
New studies in Minnesota show that Latinos are getting HIV AIDS at a much higher rate than the white population. They are younger when they contract the virus and less likely to seek care. There are health education programs aimed at Latinos, but they're not well funded and may not last. (05/09/2005)