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Bianca Vazquez Toness joined MPR in 2005. She's interested in stories about immigration, health, business, and the working poor. She got her start in journalism writing stories from Mexico for U.S. publications. She spent two years covering city government and education for the Herald-Republic in Yakima, WA. Bianca graduated from Princeton University in 1999 with a B.A. in cultural anthropology. She grew up in El Paso, Texas and Fort Walton Beach, FL. She is fluent in Spanish.

Bianca Vazquez Toness Feature Archive

Who will get vaccines first? Should employees be required to go to work during a pandemic? Who gets helped? Who doesn't. Good questions for which there appear to be no answers. (12/02/2005)
Many Hmong Minnesotans are traveling to Laos and Thailand to celebrate their New Year with family. Health care officials say there are ways for travelers to keep themselves safe from the bird flu virus. (11/28/2005)
State health officials are preparing for a worst-case scenario, in case a flu pandemic reaches Minnesota. They say more than a million people could become sick. But they say it's hard to prepare when there's so little known about the threat. (11/18/2005)
School closures, mass vaccinations and quarantines are among the worst-case steps the state will take if an aggressive strain of flu hits Minnesota. Gov. Pawlenty outlined plans Thursday to cope with avian or pandemic flu. (11/03/2005)
President Bush outlined a $7.1 billion strategy Tuesday to prepare for the danger of a pandemic outbreak of avian flu. The plan gets mixed reactions from some health experts. (11/01/2005)
Northwest Airlines' flight attendants union says the company is seeking to cut another 2,600 flight attendant jobs while in bankruptcy. Northwest recently disclosed plans to lay off 1,400 flight attendants by January 2006, as the company shrinks its flight schedule. (09/30/2005)
Northwest Airlines Corp. said Wednesday it will lay off 1,400 flight attendants by January as it shrinks in bankruptcy, just months after it re-hired some of them. (09/21/2005)
Federal agents searched the home of Minneapolis City Council member Dean Zimmermann on Thursday, confiscating everything relating to Zimmermann's re-election campaign plus personal financial records. (09/09/2005)
Minnesotans adopt more children from overseas per capita than any other state in the nation. The question is, why? Some adoption scholars say Minnesotans should examine the trend. (09/06/2005)
Some travelers looking for other airlines to fly during the strike at Northwest Airlines are having a hard time, since Northwest controls 80 percent of the gates at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. (08/25/2005)
There were some wary passengers but few reported problems Monday at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, on the third day of the Northwest mechanics strike. The airline and the union disagree over how much travel has been impacted by the strike. (08/22/2005)
Mechanics struck Northwest Airlines Corp. late Friday, resisting big pay cuts and layoffs that would have cut their numbers almost in half. The nation's fourth-largest airline pledged to keep flying with replacements. (08/20/2005)
As the strike deadline for Northwest mechanics draws closer, the airline is also concerned about whether other unions will strike in sympathy. Officials are reportedly preparing for flight attendants to use a strategy called CHAOS, which could disrupt flight schedules unpredictably. (08/17/2005)
Some Minnesotans will get a raise on Monday. The state's minimum wage for most employers increases by $1, to $6.15 an hour. It's the first increase in Minnesota in seven years. (07/31/2005)
With a strike deadline for the Northwest Airlines mechanics approaching, the company's other unions aren't saying if they'll honor a mechanics union picket line. Whether other unions refuse to work in solidarity with striking mechanics could affect the outcome of a walkout. But it's not clear how many other unions will honor the picket line. (07/22/2005)