Phil Picardi Feature Archive

Today on the MPR News Update: The gun debate at the state Capitol, campaign finance transparency, more free school lunches, and a potential alternative energy breakthrough in Pine River. (02/06/2013)
A bill moving though the South Dakota legislature would allow teachers and other employees to carry guns in schools. State Republican Rep. Scott Craig is the chief author of the bill and he discussed it with Morning Edition host Phil Picardi. (02/05/2013)
Emotions are expected to be running high this week at the State Capitol when lawmakers begin discussing several bills designed to prevent gun violence. Reporter Tim Pugmire previews the week ahead with Morning Edition host Phil Picardi. (02/04/2013)
When the Timberwolves take on the Los Angeles Clippers tonight at Target Center, NBA officials will be on the lookout for floppers trying to make it appear that a foul has been committed. Britt Robson covers the NBA for Sports He talked to Morning Edition host Phil Picardi about the matter. (01/30/2013)
Sens. Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota, and Orin Hatch, of Utah will introduce a bill today designed to help legal immigrants with advanced skills in technology and science continue living and working in the United States. (01/29/2013)
The borderline-crazy skaters of Crashed Ice are back in town. Lawmakers are looking into plugging data privacy breaches. Police want tougher laws preventing the mentally ill from arming themselves. And we look at butter. Fresh, creamy butter. (01/24/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Taking a deep dive on Gov. Mark Dayton state budget proposal. Also, Minnesota is setting some national benchmarks for Arctic weather, and some American Indian gang members go on trial. (01/23/2013)
Today on the podcast, the governor lays out a budget and tax agenda, lawmakers consider climate change, some businesses are trying harder to offer feedback to those they run away for jobs, and we have a photo gallery of frigid Martin Luther King Day events in the Twin Cities. (01/22/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update: Does having a gun in the home put family members more at risk? Also, a county sheriff in Minnesota says he won't enforce new federal gun restrictions. Expectations for pull-tab gambling revenues are shrinking. And we take a look at the burgeoning Minnesota brewery business. (01/17/2013)
Along with stories about U of M hiring, sex trafficking, the flu and food stamp programs, we spent a lot of time Wednesday talking about guns. President Obama offered his specific proposals to help decrease gun violence after the attacks at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and the Dandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. (01/16/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update, state lawmakers consider extending the sales tax to clothing, farmland prices are so high that new farmers can't find a row to hoe, Ramsey County officials take new steps to combat teen runaways and child sec trafficking, and the Bottineau light rail line in the Twin Cities faces another hurdle today at the Met Council. (01/14/2013)
Today on the MPR News Update. Here's some of what's been happening: Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak won't run for a fourth term; a grieving father is charged in the accidental handgun death of his young son; farmers are apparently increasingly digging up old cemeteries and Minnesotans are still keeping food shelves hopping. (12/28/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, as Gov. Mark Dayton enters the OR, we'll hear about the increasing use of fusion surgery to ease the pain of a bad back. Also, 150 years to the day from a mass execution of Dakota Indians in Mankato, many Dakota returned to city to remember. We'll hear about the collecting and selling of Minneapolis license plate data. And we have a story about a Minnesota farmer who's expanding his operation to Africa. (12/27/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update: The NRA breaks its silence over the elementary school massacre in Connecticut. Also, news about the shuttered St. Paul Ford plant, legislative agendas for environmentalists and same-sex marriage proponents, a mobile food shelf that's become a model for the nation, and a "Christmas Carol" from "tha hood." (12/21/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update: The Connecticut elementary school massacre continues to resonate in Minnesota. Also, we take a look back at how quickly the shooting deaths of police officers are resolved, return for another visit with a man coping with ALS, and tell you about another key departure at Best Buy. (12/20/2012)