Bob Collins Feature Archive

Carnegie Hall has announced that 120 musicians from 33 states will make up the National Youth Orchestra on its eight-stop tour beginning in July. Among the musicians are Arjun Ganguly of St. Cloud, Minn., Emma Richman of Minneapolis and Anna Humphrey of Rogers, Minn. (03/06/2014)
In light of the state's surplus, politicians are waging a debate on whether to spend it or return it to taxpayers. It's a fun -- and academic -- debate to watch unfold as both sides perform definition gymnastics to frame the numbers in a way that benefits them. (03/01/2014)
TV news hosts were pretty excited about the above map this morning. But MPR News' Bob Collins says Metric is not Minnesota's favorite band. People in Minnesota tend to listen to Metric more often than other states because that's what the creator of the map was trying to show. Read Collins's full story. (02/26/2014)
The New York Times today says heroin, much of it from Mexico, has found its way from the southwest to America's small towns. In Hudson, there were seven fatal overdoses in eight months. (02/11/2014)
For the next 50 or so hours, starting at 5 p.m. this afternoon, this is the kind of question that will prevent hundreds of people across the country from getting any sleep, and makes St. Cloud the center of the trivia universe. (02/07/2014)
Despite my best attempts with butterfly gardens and milkweed, the grand total number of Monarch butterflies I saw last summer: 1. It was quite a moment. That's not terribly surprising since conservation experts warned us that the number of Monarchs at their Mexico winter home was quite low. (01/29/2014)
This is a really great film posted on Vimeo this week. Watch it at least long enough to get to the story of what happened to the ashes of one of the friends. This is Minnesota. (01/24/2014)
When Janna Holm's grandmother, Dorothy died from cancer in Shakopee 18 years ago, she left behind a small stack of index cards covered in coded letters. Janna tried to decode them as a kid, but she says she didn't get anywhere. (01/21/2014)
Classical Minnesota Public Radio host Alison Young raises an interesting question today: What drives us to do things that might kill us? How do we decide when to stop doing it? (01/18/2014)
The former Washington Post reporter who broke the news that Target's computers had been hacked has published the most detailed account yet of how hackers stole the data of millions of Target shoppers. (01/16/2014)
On social media this afternoon, Vikings fans appear to be riding high (by whatever definition you want to ascribe to that phrase) after the team apparently cut a deal for a new coach. (01/15/2014)
A private jet crashed while attempting a second landing in Aspen this afternoon, at least one of the three people on the plane died. (01/05/2014)
Chris Kluwe came back today in a big way with a Deadspin column - I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot - that blasts his former employers. (01/02/2014)
A divided Minnesota Supreme Court today rejected protection for a former security guard who says she was fired in retaliation for filing for unemployment benefits after her hours were cut. (01/02/2014)
A quick before-and-after of today's fire in Minneapolis. (01/01/2014)