Bob Collins Feature Archive

People here don't know how good they've got it. That much seems clear by virtue of a new Gallup poll that shows only 61 percent of the people surveyed here think Minnesota is "one of the best possible states to live." (04/25/2014)
The court today overturned the indefinite civil commitment of Cedrick Ince, who served time for two rapes as a teenager and was civilly committed by Sibley County. (04/23/2014)
Minnesota State University, Mankato football players refused to suit up and said they want interim coach Aaron Keen to keep the job he got after Hoffner's firing, according to the Mankato Free Press. (04/16/2014)
Tony Roman Nose, who was 17 when he stabbed and raped 18-year-old Jolene ­Stuedemann in her home in 2000, will not be getting out of prison ever, the divided Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today. (04/16/2014)
It was a functional logo that would've worked well if a sardine plant also relocated to the city. But, alas, the rollout of the new logo was a dud and it lasted just three weeks before the Austin City Council voted down the idea, according to the Austin Daily Herald. (04/08/2014)
For the second time, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has overturned the conviction of a St. Paul priest and ordered a new trial on charges he took advantage of a vulnerable woman he was counseling. (04/07/2014)
Glen Taylor, owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, former legislator, and owner of companies in the wedding invitation printing business, is nearing a final agreement with the paper, according to the business newsletter, Business Take. (03/27/2014)
MNsure, the state health care insurance exchange, has exceeded its "goal" of signing up 135,000 people by April 1. (03/25/2014)
Joe Mueller was in the right spot at a bad time today when a series of collisions closed the westbound lanes of the Mendota Bridge during a snowstorm. He was able to film the crashes that involved an estimated 60 vehicles. (03/24/2014)
The Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA today became the first team to wipe its name off its jerseys and sell the space to an advertiser, in this case the Mayo Clinic. (03/17/2014)
At Xcel Center on Tuesday night, Jamie Jenn of Crystal thought she was taking part in an intermission contest, guessing what player Erik Haula said was the biggest surprise in Minnesota. It turned out to be her husband, Nick, who's been stationed in Kuwait. (03/12/2014)
With the warmer temperatures, we eagerly await the attack of the ice monsters on the larger lakes in Minnesota. (03/10/2014)
"State Rep. Pat Garofolo disappeared quickly from Twitter Sunday night after his tweet above started zipping around the Internet," writes Bob Collins on News Cut. (03/10/2014)
Carnegie Hall has announced that 120 musicians from 33 states will make up the National Youth Orchestra on its eight-stop tour beginning in July. Among the musicians are Arjun Ganguly of St. Cloud, Minn., Emma Richman of Minneapolis and Anna Humphrey of Rogers, Minn. (03/06/2014)
In light of the state's surplus, politicians are waging a debate on whether to spend it or return it to taxpayers. It's a fun -- and academic -- debate to watch unfold as both sides perform definition gymnastics to frame the numbers in a way that benefits them. (03/01/2014)