Steve Seel Feature Archive

This greatest hits compilation contains the 1974 Conway Twitty single "I See the Want to in Your Eyes." (07/06/2012)
Chet Baker's performances from the Bruce Weber documentary Let's Get Lost, a bittersweet film highlighting the early-career highs and late-in-life lows of one of jazz's sweetest, smokiest crooners and trumpet players. (07/05/2012)
Don't believe the critics of the world: Delta Spirit is not an Americana band. They may not know how to describe their music yet, but the five-piece out of California aren't going to let anyone box them into one genre. (06/29/2012)
The Walkmen continue to hone and mellow their sound into a more complex, nuanced listen. 'Heaven' is the album that puts The Walkmen in Steve Seel's personal rotation. (06/04/2012)
It's hard to believe that Fred Willard is in his 70s and he hasn't started slowing down. (06/01/2012)
Willard stopped by The Current to talk with Steve Seel ahead of his appearance at Wits. (06/01/2012)
Tim Meadows has long been a mainstay of the comedian community since his debut skits on Saturday Night Live in the early '90s. (04/06/2012)
Don't be confused by Afie Jurvanen going by the stage name Bahamas - he isn't from a tropical location, even if his music does have some tropical influences. The Canadian musician has been making music in his hometown for years as a backing musician for the likes of Feist, Jason Collett and Zeus. (04/05/2012)
My pick this time for Musicheads Essentials is the 1980 avant-pop masterpiece from Talking Heads, Remain in Light. Written during a chapter of extreme creative exploration for the band, Remain in Light is not only considered by many to be Talking Heads' crowning achievement, but one of the greatest albums of the 1980s. (04/05/2012)
Ben Kweller has been in the music scene nearly the entire 30 years he's been alive. He received his first nod from Billboard Magazine when he was eight with a songwriting honorable mention. He was signed before he could legally drive and was touring the world shortly after that. (03/29/2012)
Lizzy Grant's Lana Del Rey persona may be new to the broader world, but she's been singing for years and even released an album prior to 2012's already controversial "Born To Die." With her quick rise-to-fame came stringent criticism, throngs of battling publications looking for their next angle, and a warring music community. (03/15/2012)
When Andrew Bird's mind is allowed to roam - and his violin and looping-pedals allowed to follow wherever he might lead them - beautiful music is simply the end product, be it in the form of a finely-burnished pop song or a more wistful sonic rumination. (03/04/2012)
Local hip-hop bon vivant, Slug, has become a regular visitor to The Current studios. On his most recent trip he's joined by the rest of the band to discuss their music videos, letting go of some artistic control and building a musical community in Minnesota. (02/21/2012)
Led by singer, guitarist, and main writer Matthew Murphy, The Wombats formed at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts back in 2003. While the debut saw limited success in the States, the band hit the Top 10 in the UK and found themselves at Glastonbury and other festivals, setting the stage for their second album, "This Modern Glitch." (11/07/2011)
Join Steve Seel and special guests Chris Farrell, MPR personal finance and economics expert, along with Kathy Tunheim, one of Governor Dayton's job creation advisers. We'll look at the job market that new grads are entering. (10/12/2011)