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Host, The Current
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Steve Seel co-hosts weekday mornings on The Current with Jill Riley from 6-10 a.m. He possesses a broad knowledge of many musical genres, having hosted radio programs ranging from classical to jazz and even avant-garde music before joining Classical MPR in 1999. In 2005, Seel become one of the founding voices on MPR's The Current, and since then has enjoyed being an advocate for engaging, adventurous modern music with a particular soft-spot for artists who tilt slightly to the experimental side. His resume' includes in-depth interviews with musical luminaries ranging from Brian Eno to Wayne Coyne, David Byrne to Tori Amos, and he also conducted the first on-air interview with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. Seel is an avid reader of political and social commentary as well, and he emcees The Current's popular Policy and a Pint community series, featuring discussions with noted scholars, politicians, community leaders, authors and big thinkers on important issues of the day.

Steve Seel Feature Archive

rob giles andy summers live circa zero
When you say the name Andy Summers, most people think of The Police, but this iconic guitarist continues to be creative. Steve Seel talks to Summers and his bandmate Rob Giles about their new project, Circa Zero. (04/04/2014)
dum dum girls 6
Fresh off playing a gig at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, the Dum Dum Girls stopped in to The Current's studio to play a few songs and to talk to Steve Seel about their recent short-film project, their influences and their most recent album, 'Too True'. (04/04/2014)
s carey 1
S. Carey -- well known for his percussion work with Bon Iver --stopped in to The Current's studio for a chat with Steve Seel and to play some solo-piano arrangements of tunes off his brand-new album, 'Range of Light', which gets released today. (04/01/2014)
Just before packing up the van to drive to Austin, Texas, Jeremy Messersmith and his bandmates played an exclusive show in The Forum at Minnesota Public Radio and chatted with The Current Morning Show's Steve Seel. (03/21/2014)
Billed as a sequel to his 2002 release, 'Sea Change', Beck's new album, 'Morning Phase' has a heavier gravity to it, writes Steve Seel. Beck's pensiveness is more reflective, his sadness somehow more informed. And the result is an extremely rewarding experience. (02/24/2014)
Stephen Malkmus -- who helped define the indie sound of the '90s with the band, Pavement -- continues his enduring career with his band, The Jicks. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks stopped by The Current's studio to play a few tunes off their new album, 'Wig Out at Jagbags', and to talk with Steve Seel. (02/19/2014)
When Nick Lowe was first approached by his record company to write a Christmas album, he balked. So, he gave himself an assignment: come up with a Christmas album he would be proud to put his name on. (12/23/2013)
One of the most respected performers, songwriters and producers in music over the past 40 years, Nick Lowe, has recently released a holiday album, <i>Quality Street</i>. Joining The Current's Steve Seel by telephone, Lowe talks about the new album and about how his initial hesitation turned to enthusiasm. (12/20/2013)
Morning Show cohost Steve Seel's picks for the best of 2013. (12/02/2013)
Following the release of his 11th studio album, <i>Innocents</i>, Moby chats with The Current's Steve Seel. During the conversation, Moby talks about what it's like to make music in 2013, how he came to collaborate with Wayne Coyne and why he decided to move from New York to Los Angeles. (11/22/2013)
Steve Seel and Jill Riley talk to Radio Heartland's program director Mike Pengra about the music on Radio Heartland and about a five-year anniversary party scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 11, at the Aster Cafe in Minneapolis. (11/12/2013)
Neko Case came by The Current studios with a hand-picked playlist for a Theft of the Dial and chatted with Steve Seel of The Current's Morning Show. (11/08/2013)
Philip Bither, curator of performing arts at The Walker Art Center, stopped by our studios to chat with Steve Seel of The Current's Morning Show about the Jherek Bischoff: Composed. This experimental music show happens tonight, Oct. 18, at the Fitzgerald Theater, and it features Sondre Lerche, Channy Leaneagh of Poli&#231;a and other musicians &#151; a perfect spectacle for musical omnivores. (10/18/2013)
Steve Seel and Jill Riley talk to their favorite punter about his NFL career, about his writing and music pursuits, and about what's annoying him right now. Kluwe is part of the cast in tonight's <i>Wits</i> season premiere. (10/17/2013)
Comedian John Oliver took time off from filming <em>The Daily Show</em> and <em>Community</em> to have a lighthearted chat with Steve Seel of The Current's Morning Show about the latest news in Washington, D.C., about filling in for Jon Stewart over the summer and about his show at the State Theater on Saturday, Oct. 12. (10/11/2013)