Rex Levang Feature Archive

This week brings us the birthday of the man who for many is the archetypal composer in the classical tradition, Ludwig van Beethoven (the evidence points to a December 16 birthday -- no one is absolutely sure). We'll note the anniversary with five Morning Glories, each in a different genre: sonata, symphony, string quartet, ballet, and choral. (12/15/2014)
There's something of a romantic-comedy plot in Richard Wagner's 'Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg', but there's much more. Even when writing comedy, Wagner couldn't restrain himself from exploring serious themes. Classical MPR's Rex Levang sheds light on this ahead of Saturday's Met Opera broadcast. (12/12/2014)
This week, flutist Sir James Galway turns 75. We'll celebrate "the man with the golden flute" with five Morning Glories, drawn from the bumper harvest of recordings he's made over his long and stellar career. (12/08/2014)
This week, we shine the spotlight on the orchestral instruments that make music by the bowing and plucking of strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp. Listen in, and check out our online video on the string family! (12/01/2014)
During Thanksgiving week, as Americans celebrate the harvest, we'll hear four of the "American" pieces that have their roots in Antonin Dvořák's historic visit to America and its heartland. (11/24/2014)
This week on Morning Glories, join us as we celebrate the artistry of Minnesota native and classical guitar master, Sharon Isbin. (11/17/2014)
This week on Morning Glories, we're throwing a communal birthday party for some noted composers born this week. (11/10/2014)
November's a busy month on the concert calendar, with interesting events happening all around our region. This week on Morning Glories, we'll highlight the artistry of four acclaimed soloists and one historic choir, whom you can also see live and in person. (11/03/2014)
This week on Morning Glories, we'll pay tribute to the Fantasia series, which at 70-plus years, is a multi-media phenomenon that's still going strong. (10/27/2014)
This week, we'll bring you the first in a series of essays written exclusively for our website by best-selling author and cellist Edward Kelsey Moore. That's why on this week's Morning Glories, we feature five pieces celebrating the sonorous voice of the cello. (10/20/2014)
This week on Morning Glories we'll celebrate the birthday of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams by hearing five examples of his many-faceted output. (10/13/2014)
We're declaring this week Bachtoberfest on Morning Glories, highlighting the music of J. S. Bach. Did you know that his home in Leipzig had an alcove especially for the beer barrel? (10/06/2014)
This week on Morning Glories, we examine what makes for good autumn listening. (09/29/2014)
Even composers were kids once. This week on Morning Glories, we'll bring you five pieces whose composers, at the time they wrote them, were talented teenagers. (09/15/2014)
As teachers and students begin a new school year, our Morning Glories continue the theme of Music for Learning with five soloists who are also dedicated to music education. (09/08/2014)