Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Jet Streaming with Paul Huttner
About the Podcast
Every week Jet Streaming brings an insider's look at the weather and climatology. It's everything you wanted to know about the weather, but were afraid to ask.

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Recent Episodes
Jet Streaming for Wednesday, April 29
In 2006, Vice President Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" opened the world's eyes to the global warming phenomena like never before. But how well did the world listen? Elizabeth Kolbert of "The New Yorker" is one of the nation's foremost reporters on the subject and she tells us what's happened since and where are we today in the climate change controversy. And we'll talk about the power of weather in movies with MPR's movie blogger extrordinaire, Euan Kerr. Dr. Mark Seeley tells us why SIP isn't just for beverages anymore and Craig Edwards introduces us to The Global Climate Change Research Explorer on our Website of the Week at http://www.exploratorium.edu/climate/index.html (37:07s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, April 22
Jet Streaming celebrates Earth Day with one of Earth's most stunning displays -- tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and lightning. It's Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Minnesota and Kris Chapin of the Department of Public Safety tells how you can protect yourself from Mother Nature's fireworks. And we'll recap the flood situation in the Red River Valley and what the days ahead may bring there with Hydrologist Steve Buan of the National Weather Service. Dr. Mark Seeley has a weather word and spotlights severe weather safety on our Website of the Week at http://www.severeweather.state.mn.us/index.asp (33:16s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, April 15
An outbreak of tornadoes hit the South early this week, but a welcome dry spell came to the Red River Valley. Another piece of good news is that Midwest farmers are planning to get into the fields. Rice County Extension Ag Educator Brad Carlson has the spring planting outlook for Minnesota. Meanwhile, preparations are underway for spring wildfire season in the region. We get the latest from Jean Bergerson at the Interagency Fire Center in Grand Rapids. Dr. Mark Seeley has a new weather word and Craig Edwards gives us more on wildfire preparation at our Website of the Week at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/forestry/fire/index.html (33:32s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, April 8
The sun's coming out and the first wave of spring floods in the Red River Valley is past. Mark Ewens of the National Weather Service in Grand Forks updates us on the second crest to come. And Major League Baseball moves back outdoors in the Twin Cities next year. The Minnesota Twins' Dave Horsman tells us how they'll make the call for those rain - or snow - delays. Dr. Mark Seeley brings a baseball-related weather word and Craig Edwards showcases updates on our Website of the Week at www.noaa.gov (29:54s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, April 1
The Red River rose to record levels in Fargo-Moorhead this past week and while things may have settled down a bit for now, Mark Ewens of the National Weather Service in Grand Forks tells us what the wily river has in store for points downstream. And while a large part of the country is still fighting snow and floods, Don Burgess of the National Severe Storms Lab in Norman, Oklahoma tells us how they're gearing up for yet another tornado season with new and better technology than ever before. Dr. Mark Seeley brings us two new weather words and Craig Edwards introduces us to the National Weather Center on our Website of the Week at http://www.nwc.ou.edu/ (29:03s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, March 25
The Red River of the North is on the rise and residents of Grand Forks, Fargo and beyond are stacking sandbags to fend back the waters. We get an update on the current flood status and what to expect in the days to come from Mark Ewens from the National Weather Service in Grand Forks. And the first-ever "State of the Birds" report has been issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Carrol Henderson of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources stops by to tell us how our birds are measuring up. Dr. Mark Seeley brings us a new weather word and Craig Edwards gives a bird's eye view of all the spring weather action at our Website of the Week from the National Weather Service's Central Region Headquarters at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/crh/ (34:02s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, March 18
The Red River is getting deeper - and wider - as the first signs of spring arrive. The newly revised flood outlook for the Red River Valley comes to us from hydrologist Scott Dummer of the North Central River Forecast Center in Chanhassen. And with more and more stories of climate change circulating the globe, there's some potential good news on the global warming front from northern Minnesota, as we hear from MPR reporter Stephanie Hemphill. Dr. Mark Seeley brings in this week's weather words and Craig Edwards points out the new dual polarization radar on our Website of the Week at http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/ (27:29s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, March 11
The March lion roared this week with blizzards, floods, tornadoes and everything in between pounding the Midwest. What's it like to be inside a whiteout and how common are they? Blizzard watcher Rich Naistat tells all. March also means sweet maple sap is ready to run. Jerry Jacobson of the Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers tells us what kind of weather it takes to get sap from the tree and syrup to your table. Severe weather scouts can check out our Website of the Week from the Iowa Mesonet site at http://www.mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/ (25:48s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, March 4
Winter is hanging on this year and almost feels like the start of a new ice age. But what does it really take to start an ice age? NOAA paleoclimatologist David Anderson reveals what past climates tell us about the future. And a change in the way we look at hail could mean fewer severe thunderstorm warnings this year. Kim Runk of the National Weather Service tells us why the NWS is making changes in how you are warned about severe weather. Learn more about the new one-inch hail warning criteria discussion at the Twin Cities NWS on our Website of the Week at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/mpx/ (26:32s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, February 25
Water woes continue this week in the drought-plagued Southwest. Can years of drought and continued climate change make parts of that area uninhabitable? We hear about the troubled Colorado River region from Dr. Ken Dewey of the University of Nebraska. And indoor air quality expert Dr. Mark Sneller tells us why some of the worst air you breathe in your life may be inside your home. Keep tabs on the latest drought conditions across the U.S. at our Website of the Week from The National Integrated Drought Information System at http://drought.gov (28:59s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, February 18
Icy snow in the High Sierra is liquid gold for California's water supply this summer. Elissa Lynn, senior meteorologist with the California Department of Water Resources gives us the latest on drought potential there. We'll also update the spring flood outlook for the Red River Valley with Steve Buan with NOAA's National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center. You can learn more about drought planning and mitigation at our Website of the Week of http://www.drought.unl.edu/ from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. (30:02s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, February 11
World weather ran the gamut this week -- from snow in the desert to rain on the frozen tundra and then to the worst wildfires ever in Australia. But a new study just released says the real snowbirds are moving north and John Flicker of the Audubon Society tells us why. And NOAA unveiled its new format for relaying El Nino/La Nina watches and advisories, as we hear from Mike Halpert from the Climate Prediction Center. Keep up with the first severe storms of the 2009 season at our Website of the Week from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center at www.spc.noaa.gov (29:45s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, February 4
The big question in Alaska these days is whether the restless Redoubt volcano will erupt. We ask volcanologist Richard Wunderman why volcanoes can be the wild card in weather and climate. Jet Streaming listeners are reporting February flocks of robins in their back yards -- why are they here and how do other animals react to changes in weather and climate? Canada's premiere climatologist David Phillips weighs in with some answers. Get your one-stop shopping on volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and more from the U.S. Geological Survey on our Website of the Week at http://www.usgs.gov/ (25:47s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, January 28
A new NOAA study grabbed headlines this week with the findings that some climate change effects may already be irreversible. We talk with the study's author, Dr. Susan Solomon, on what choices are left to us in the fight against global warming. And what's it like to study weather at 10,000 feet on top of a mountain? We find out from Dr. Gannet Hallar of the Storm Peak Laboratory -- and it's our Website of the Week, too, at http://stormpeak.dri.edu/ (26:42s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, January 21
A new year brings a new administration to Washington D.C. and a new approach to climate change. We'll take the temperature in the Capitol with Dr. Pei-Yei Whung of the Environmental Protection Agency. And while arctic air may spell trouble for some, Fred Haberman tells us it's very welcome at the worlds largest pond hockey tournament coming up this weekend on Minnesota's Lake Nokomis. Learn a new weather word and check out what our what our weather neighbors to the north are enjoying at our Website of the Week at http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/canada_e.html (26:28s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, January 14
The coldest week of the year climatologically is living up to its icy reputation across the U.S. The cold is just an inconvenience for some, but Janice Goodger of Duluth, Minnesota survived in frigid temperatures against the odds. She tells us her amazing survival story. And Dr. Aaron Burnett of St. Paul's Regions Hospital updates us on how to stay healthy during a Minnesota winter. Our Webnsite of the Week is from the University of Minnesota's Academic Health Services with tips on winter season skin care at http://www.healthtalk.umn.edu/topics/frostbite/home.html (21:51s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, January 7
The 2008 sun beamed the fewest sunspots in nearly a century over planet Earth. Space weather expert Doug Biesecker tells us what happened and what we can expect in 2009. Plus, political change here on Earth means climate change action is coming soon. David Wascow of Oxfam America tells us what to expect in 2009 and beyond. And get a bird's eye view of all things weather with our Website of the Week from NOAA at www.noaawatch.gov (25:49s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, December 31
The Jet Streaming crews rings out with the old year with the top weather stories of 2008 -- including massive floods, record tornadoes and an active hurricane season -- and looks ahead to what kind of weather might greet us in 2009. And we check in with 89.3 The Current's Mark Wheat on what kind of weather music will greet the new year as well. Happy New Year from all of us here at Jet Streaming! (32:26s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, December 24
From Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, it's a White Christmas this year. Just like those holiday presents, holiday music comes in many shapes and sizes and the theme for many holiday songs is the weather! MPR's 89.3 The Current host Mark Wheat joins the Jet Streaming crew this week to sample his picks for some of the more interesting holiday weather tunes! (28:51s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, December 17
How does the wintery landscape affect the way retailers plan for the holidays? Rachael Tobin with Intelligent Nutrients tells us how winter weather makes businesses plan ahead. Wondering why are the skies especially brilliant this winter? We scan past the clouds for the answers with Parke Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium. Keep up with the record-setting low temps around the nation on our Website of the Week -- Anything Weather at www.anythingweather.com (27:27s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, December 10
How will the incoming Obama administration deal with climate change? We take Washington's temperature with leading climate scientist Dr. Stephen Schneider of Stanford University. And we highlight some great weather books for kids of all ages with Karen Hoyle of the University of Minnesota. You're never too young to start learning about the weather at our Website of the Week at http://weatherwizkids.com/ (28:30s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, December 3
This is a big week in world weather science as the representatives of 190 nations converge on Poznan, Poland for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. We speak to Dr. Renate Christ of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on what may come out of this major world conference. And we visit the Jet Streaming Bookshelf to speak to Curt Brown. His new book, "So Terrible A Storm" tells the story of the 1905 Lake Superior storm that wiped out 31 ships. You can keep an eye on the action at the UN conference in Poland by going to our Website of the Week at http://unfccc.int (23:34s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, November 26
The season is now over for hurricanes in the U.S. Greg Holland of the National Center for Atmospheric Research joins us to talk about what we learned from this year's season and how a new study may help us track hurricanes with more accuracy than ever before. And are you ready to hit the road for the Thanksgving holiday? Shannon Swanson of AAA will give us the travel forecast for savings and safety. Get a jump on winter ice safety from the Minnesota DNR at our Website of the Week at: www.dnr.state.mn.us/safety/ice (25:33s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, November 19
Minnesota-native Heidi Stefanyshyn-Piper returned to space this week aboard the shuttle Endeavor. What kind of "weather" will Heidi be walking in? And how does space weather affect the weather on Earth? We find out from Bill Murtagh from NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center. We also get winter car care tips from Pete Frits of St. Paul's Park Service. And our Website of the Week is a double-header! Learn more about your native planet at The Encyclopedia of Earth http://www.eoearth.org/ and check out the daily space weather at http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/index.html (23:11s)

Jet Streaming for Wednesday, November 12
The first major snow storms of the season marched across the Great Plains and the Dakotas last week. Just in time for Winter Hazard Awareness Week in Minnesota, Kristine Chapin of the state's Department of Public Safety tells us how to work, travel and play safe in the months to come. And our Website at the Week at The Weather Channel shows kids how think smart about winter at www.theweatherchannelkids.com. (20:52s)

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Weather Coverage

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Jet Streaming at the Minnesota State Fair

Jet Streaming visits the Minnesota State Fair! In the first hour. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer, MPR meteorologist Craig Edwards and special guest Belinda Jensen of KARE-11 TV discuss with the audience how Minnesota weather affects us all. In hour two, Cathy and Craig discuss long-term climate trends with Minnesota state climatologist Jim Zandlo and forestry expert Rick Klevorn of the Minnesota DNR.

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Jet Streaming Live in the UBS Forum

A group of weather experts before a live audience in the UBS Forum to discuss severe weather forecasting and safety. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer and MPR Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner are joined by University of Minnesota climate specialist Dr. Mark Seeley, meteorologists Paul Douglas and Craig Edwards, plus a group of local sky watchers to talk all things weather!


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