Monday, January 17, 2022

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How's the Family?
About the Podcast
"How's the Family?" delves into the everyday truths about the families we grow up in and the ones we choose later on. It features the news that comes from our families every day — what we share with each other about how we get along and how we manage to answer the question "How's the Family?" — as a society and as individuals.

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Recent Episodes
The Roots of Mother's Day
The roots of Mother's Day in this country are based in activism. Nanci Olesen reads Julia Ward Howe's "Mother's Day Proclamation for Peace," written in 1870. (3:41s)

Status of Girls Report
A report released on April 28th describes the status of girls in Minnesota. Nanci Olesen talks with researchers and legislators about the report. (11:00s)

Sandwich Generation caregivers
People who care for their elderly parents and their children are in the "sandwich generation." Kathryn Ringham, a caregiver coach, describes the challenges caregivers face and the services available to them. (26:26s)

Families are consuming MORE!
Sociologist Juliet Schor describes how we are consuming more products...and what that means for our families and for our world. (14:00s)

When the grandparents raise the kids
Nanci Olesen interviews members of the Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association about the challenges grandparents face when they step in to raise their grandchildren. (19:47s)

Deciding to vaccinate teens against HPV
A vaccine can be given to girls as young as 11 which would protect them from HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer. Cara Hetland reports for "How's the Family?" (6:11s)

About the Adoption Access Legislation Bill
If a bill that's been introduced to the Minnesota legislature passes, people who were adopted would have access to their original birth certificates. (5:13s)

The Shelter of Each Other
Mary Pipher wrote THE SHELTER OF EACH OTHER in 1996. Now she's updating this book about family communication to reflect the high tech ways that we keep in touch. (5:00s)

Talking about Juno
The movie Juno is controversial because it tells the story of a pregnant teen. Some parents think it makes pregnancy look easy. (4:00s)

Letting Go
Parents are forced to separate themselves from their college students and it's not easy. A lot of parents rely on a book called LETTING GO. The authors are updating it because this generation of parents are more involved-- perhaps too much. (3:43s)

Family Food Prices on the Rise
Families are struggling to cope with rising food prices. Financial consultant Ruth Hayden suggests people learn to budget and save. (5:25s)

Driving Distractions
When we drive and multi-task, we're influencing teen drivers to do the same. And it's dangerous. (7:26s)

How's the Family? Parents, College Students and Alcohol
Tips for parents to help college students make appropriate decisions about alcohol. (5:09s)

How's the Family? Stress at the End of the Day
A new study finds that men and women have different stress levels at the end of the day... for different reasons (5:59s)

How's the Family? The Importance of Family Dinners
MPR listeners weigh in on the importance of eating together as a family. (5:05s)

How's the Family? Parenting in Public
When a family "melts down" in public, what can a bystander do? (6:38s)

How's the Family? Are Parents Happy?
Nanci Olesen talks with Cathy Wurzer about a new study which cites that adults are less happy when they become parents (4:40s)

How's the Family?: Toxic Toys
There are a lot of dangerous chemicals in toys these days -- not just lead. (4:10s)


Listen to two hour-long "How's the Family?" episodes that aired in 2007.

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