Ground Level Reviving Minnesota Relics

Whether they want to be forward thinking, save money on energy or cut their greenhouse emissions, some Minnesota communities are trying different ways to generate power. In this hunt, everything from wood pellets and forest slash to sunlight and garbage are fair game.

Communities with small energy generation efforts or discussions.

Minnesota Biomass

– Darker green represents areas with most potential for turning wood, agricultural byproducts and other biomass into energy.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Minnesota Solar Photovoltaic

– Bright yellow shows southwestern Minnesota with the greatest potential for electrical generation from solar.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Minnesota Wind

– Purple represents Minnesota’s windiest corner in the southwest.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

How are you trying to conserve energy?

As the nation continues to debate how it should fill its energy needs, many people in Minnesota are finding unique and interesting ways on their own to generate power or heat for their homes and businesses. For example, in Grand Marais, the Angry Trout restaurant captures its kitchen exhaust and uses it to heat the restaurant’s water. In Brooten, a dairy digests cow manure to generate electricity it sells to the power company. We heard from some people in our Public Insight Network about their innovative or unusual approaches to create power or heat. Read their thoughts below. And if you have an approach to share, click here and add to the insights.

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Ground Level launched in early 2010 and shines a light on a variety of topics, from the growing complexity of Minnesota's local food system to cities preparing for new fiscal realities, from exurban growth in Baldwin Township to the quest to expand broadband access across the state.

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