The Red Bulls: Return to War

The Red Bulls by the numbers


The average age of the deploying Minnesota Soldiers is 28 years old. The youngest Soldier is 18, and the oldest is 55.


Of the 2,400 deploying Minnesota Soldiers 94% (2,256) are men and 6% (144) are women.

Previous Deployments

This is the first deployment for 60% (1,440) of the 2,400 Minnesota Soldiers. 40% (960) have previously deployed. This is the second deployment for 23% (534) of the Soldiers, third deployment for 12% (288) of the Soldiers, fourth deployment for less than 1% (16) of the Soldiers, fifth deployment for 5% (115) of the Soldiers and sixth deployment for less than 1% (7) of the Soldiers.


39% (936) of the deploying Minnesota Soldiers have at least one dependent.


Of the 2,400 total deploying Minnesota Soldiers, 96% are Caucasian, 2% are African-American, 2% are Asian, less than 1% are Native American, and less than 1% are of another race.

Highest Civilian Education

All of the deploying Minnesota Soldiers have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. 91 Soldiers have earned an Associates Degree. 283 Soldiers have earned a Bachelors Degree or higher.


Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division represent 530 communities throughout Minnesota and fifteen other states. Communities with more than ten deploying Soldiers are shown in the map below.

Data provided by the Minnesota National Guard


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