Minnesota: Weak on Bullying

A six-month Minnesota Public Radio News investigation of bullying policies across the state found a patchwork of policies and that the state's policy is one of the shortest in the nation. MPR presents the first comprehensive look at school policies on bullying, cyber-bullying and what schools are doing to solve the growing bullying problem.

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by Tom Weber, Minnesota Public Radio
May 16, 2011
Justin Aaberg Haylee Fentress Paige Moravetz
Justin Aaberg, Haylee Fentress, and Paige Moravetz, teenagers in Minnesota who have killed themselves during the past year. Their families report all three were bullied.

Defining cyber-bullying

So-called "cyber-bullying" has schools across the nation struggling to figure out the best way to address bullying that happens online.

What are schools doing?

Several experts, teachers and other school officials note that bullying policies are never as important as what actually happens in school.

A view from teens on bullying

Grace Pastoor, a junior at St. Louis Park Senior High, interviewed students about how they see bullying and whether they think adults can do anything about it.

Video: Bullying on stage

Minneapolis' Youth Performance Company actors bring their own experiences to the stage for the production "Mean," a play about bullying in school.

Study on bullying

If you're a parent of a Minnesota student, there's more than a 50 percent chance your child has been bullied — or bullied another student — at least once.

Share your experience

Tell us about your experience being bullied or being a bully.