Divorced Kid

August 26, 2009

America's divorce rate soared in the 1970s. Thirty years later, kids who grew up in the divorce revolution look back at that experience, and describe how it shaped them as adults. The 1970s also offered some lessons on how to improve divorce for kids today.

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A Divorce Revolution

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America's divorce rate hit a peak in 1979. Back then, no one really knew how divorce would affect children. Three decades later, the adult children of divorce look back.

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Perfecting Divorce

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Thirty years after the movie "Kramer vs. Kramer," the experience of divorce has changed for kids. Courts, classes for kids and a "good divorce" movement have all tried to reduce the harm to children.

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A visit to divorce class

Hennepin County used to require children of divorcing parents to attend a three-hour class, to help them understand the changes they were experiencing in their families. We visited one of those classes.

'I still believe in love'

That's what producer Sasha Aslanian says, even after living through her parents' divorce. Share your thoughts on the News Cut blog, where Bob Collins is hosting a discussion about the topic.


The University of Minnesota Extension's
Parents Forever site has resources for families experiencing divorce.

A Kid's Guide to Divorce.

Dad and daughter reflect on joint custody experiment,
an MPR News report from Oct. 2008.

A Web tool helps divorced parents communicate,
an MPR News report from April 2004.


Reporter: Sasha Aslanian
Broadcast editors: Catherine Winter of American RadioWorks, Mike Edgerly
Online editor: Melanie Sommer
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