Tweeting the President's visit

Minnesota Public Radio
September 12, 2009

Real-time Twitter messages from Public Insight Network sources who are attending or tracking the President's health care speech.

About the Sources

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About the Sources

These members of MPR News' Public Insight Network are sending live messages on Twitter as they attend or track the President's health care speech.

Brad Tabke's family is insured but he is struggling to cover the employees of his small landscape business. @quercusinc

Hyedi Cribben is a graduate student covered by a U of M plan, but was uninsured for three months after becoming ineligible for her parents' plan. @hcribben

Nathaniel Salzman was uninsured for three years in his early twenties and is now insured through his wife's job. @NathanielS

Ben Brown is insured through his work and happy with his coverage but believes we have a moral obligation to reform the health care system. @libraryben

Angela Muttonen has always had insurance, but is concerned about the uninsured and feels the private sector has the creativity and flexibility needed to fix the system. @amuttonen

Chris Menning is currently an uninsured freelancer and has pre-existing conditions that prevent him from receiving health coverage. @straythenomad