The storytellers

  • Antonio Gonzalez Antonio Gonzalez

    Antonio Gonzalez is 15 years old and lives in Bloomington. He's been rapping for three years. His dream is to give back to his city - particularly the Frogtown neighborhood - by starting his own organization, most likely a record label.

  • Jalil Shabazz Jalil Shabazz

    Jalil Shabazz (not related to the sisters) is an urban youth artist who will be freshman in the St. Paul public schools in the fall. He works at the West Side Citizens Organization as a community organizer. He describes himself as a young entrepreneur who is truthful, determined, well-educated and well-rounded. In his spare time he enjoys rapping, playing football and inventing.

  • Aunrika Shabazz Aunrika Shabazz

    Aunrika Shabazz, 14, will be starting her freshman year at Johnson High School in the fall. Her goal is to spread encouragement and leave the world a better place.

    She's a manager in Poetic Verse and Justice Incorporation (PVJ) and enjoys writing, talking, debating, and performing poems and spoken word.

  • QocTavia Shabazz QocTavia Shabazz

    QocTavia Shabazz, also known as Nyasha, is 13 and attends Cleveland Junior High School in St. Paul. Her favorite past times are singing, talking, hanging out with friends and laughing until her stomach hurts. When she grows up she plans to be a lawyer with her own firm. She and Aunrika are sisters.

  • Desdamona Desdamona, artist mentor, spoken word

    Desdamona is a hip-hop artist in the Twin Cities. She co-founded "B-Girl Be", a festival held at Intermedia Arts that brings together female artists from every genre in hip-hop. She is also a mentor and teacher and has worked in schools and institutions across the state.

  • Patrick Pegg Patrick Pegg, artist mentor, digital music

    Patrick Pegg is a teacher of hip hop beat production and works with youth in the Twin Cities. Patrick is also a student at the University of Minnesota studying Psychology and American Sign Language. He also writes, records and produces his own music in his spare time.

  • Sandy Agustin Sandy Agustin, artist-facilitator

    Sandy Agustin is currently the artistic director at the Neighborhood House located on the West Side of St.Paul. She is a professional choreographer and performing artist whose work has been featured at - among others — the Walker Art Center, Ordway Center for Performing Arts and Southern Theatre.