School referenda split throughout Minn.

by Tom Weber, Minnesota Public Radio
November 5, 2008

The results of school levies and bonds in Minnesota Tuesday were almost evenly split. So far, 35 of the questions have passed; 38 have failed.

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A levy in Minneapolis overwhelmingly passed, as did a second ballot question to change the makeup of the school board. A failed levy in the McLeod West School District means that district will start the process of shutting down. Leaders say they don't have the money to continue. There will be a special school board meeting Wednesday night to discuss options.

The largest bond issue in Minnesota was in the Hutchinson School District, where two bonds asked for a combined $60 million to build a new school and renovate other buildings. Both bonds failed.

More About School Levies

  • This science lab in the Hill City School is in line for an overhaul, if voters approve a bond on the Nov. 4 ballot.

    One-day bonds require no new tax increases

    Voters in 14 school districts in Minnesota will be asked next month to approve plans for new construction or renovations at existing buildings. Most of those will require a tax increase, except for 'one day bonds.' (See: Hill City, Kelliher, Barnum, Littlefork-Big Falls, East Central.) (10/15/2008)

  • Some districts hope smaller is better will get levies passed

    Some districts hope 'smaller is better' will get levies passed

    For districts that have seen levies fail in the past, some are trying again and asking for less money. (See: Northland, Robbinsdale.) (10/21/2008)

  • Failed levies take toll on school board members

    Failed levies take toll on school board members

    More than 50 Minnesota school districts will ask voters for more money in the November election. Some districts pass these levy and bonding issues the first time, others try many times with little success. The failed votes affect students directly, but also have an impact on school board members. (10/08/2008)

  • Failed levies take toll on school board members

    Lack of a vote a year ago may imperil Duluth school levy

    A proposed Duluth school levy faces a potential backlash from residents who are angry because they never got to vote last year on an expensive, long-range facilities plan. (See: Duluth.) (10/20/2008)

  • Dozens of school districts seeking tax hikes next month

    Dozens of school districts seeking tax hikes

    Thousands of voters across the state will decide on Nov. 4 whether to raise their property taxes for local school district. (10/09/2008)