Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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The Current Fakebook

The Current Fakebook

Friday, Oct. 6
8 p.m.
The Fitzgerald Theater
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The Current launches its dynamic new series, The Current Fakebook, with an exciting show featuring two of today's funniest writers, Neal Pollack and John Hodgman, talking about their latest works.

Hodgman and Pollock are both contributors to This American Life and McSweeney's, plus Hodgman can regularly be seen on The Daily Show and as the PC in Apple's current ad campaign.

Music will be provided by Hodgman's personal troubadour Jonathan Coulton, and by Ames, Iowa rockers The Poison Control Center.

The Current Fakebook brings together writers and some of their favorite musicians for an evening of music and insights that spring from the written word. The Current's Mary Lucia, a writer and humorist in her own right, will interview guests and give them time and space to express themselves in a casual, creative and innovative format.

(A "fakebook" helps a musician improvise or learn a song on the spot. Fakebooks contain the basic framework of songs-lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions-that can be used as a substitute for standard sheet music. Fakebook is also the name of an album by Yo La Tengo.)