Minnesota's Presidential Hopefuls: Tim Pawlenty Michele Bachmann

Tim Pawlenty

Who is Tim Pawlenty?

Tim Pawlenty
  • Born Nov. 27, 1960
  • Home: Eagan
  • Minnesota Governor elected 2002, re-elected 2006
  • Minnesota House of Representatives, 1992-2002

Bio: Tim Pawlenty

On May 23, 2011, the former Minnesota governor declared his run for the White House. He ended his run August 14, 2011, after a poor showing in the Ames Iowa Straw Poll. Pawlenty grew up in South St. Paul and has spent more than 20 years working in politics.
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Latest MPR Coverage

Pawlenty bypasses Bachmann

The former Minnesota governor opted to endorse Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination.(09/12/11)

Pawlenty drops out of the race

Supporters said the former Minnesota governor would have made a good president and they're disappointed.(08/14/11)

Pawlenty, Bachmann spar at debate

The Ames debate featured fiery exchanges between Minnesota's two candidates. (08/12/11)

High stakes in Iowa for Pawlenty

The Ames Straw Poll could be critical to the future of Pawlenty's presidential campaign. (08/11/11)

Gallup poll: Pawlenty lags

Results show 4 percent of GOP voters back Pawlenty. (07/27/11)

Pawlenty delivers economics speech

He called for big cuts in business and personal income taxes, along with sweeping changes to federal regulations. (06/07/11)

Pawlenty announces 2012 bid

He said the could handle the problems faced by the nation as successfully as he addressed them as Minnesota's governor. (05/23/11)

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Fact Checking Tim Pawlenty

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Photos: Pawlenty on the campaign trail

Campaign video: Courage to Stand

Campaign video: Results, not Rhetoric

Campaign video: A Time for Truth

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