Can I keep my doctor?

Let's say you have a doctor you like and you want to enroll in a commercial health plan through MNsure. Can you keep seeing your doctor under a MNsure plan? It depends on whether your doctor's clinic is part of the provider network of the MNsure plan you choose. This search tool will let you see which of the commercial health plans to be sold on MNsure will cover visits to your doctor's clinic. Type all or part of your clinic's name into the search engine to see which MNsure plans have indicated they will cover visits there. You can use this information when shopping on MNsure to focus on plans that cover your current doctor.

Important note: You may see multiple listings for the same clinic. This reflects the fact that insurers used varying ways to identify each clinic when reporting their networks to the state. MPR kept the original names and formats intact to avoid introducing inaccuracy into the data.

  • • If you're searching by city, don't spell out Saint for St. Paul, St. Cloud, etc. Use St. Use Minneapolis, not Mpls.
  • • If the name your searching for includes an apostrophe, try searching without the apostrophe first.
  • • If the provider you're searching for doesn't turn up, try again with the apostrophe. If you're checking on a clinic associated with Hennepin County Medical Center, search for both 'Hennepin County Medical Center' and 'HCMC.'

Before purchasing a health plan, please check with your clinic or hospital to confirm it is in the plan's network. Changes or updates may have occurred since MPR received this information in September from the Minnesota Department of Health.