Minnesota Legislature: Transportation

Buried deep in the Senate transportation policy bill is a dead horse -- actually, a rail line named after him. The Dan Patch line, named for a famous early 20th century race horse, carries freight between the Twin Cities and Northfield. The idea of bringing back passenger service along that route is so controversial that lawmakers passed a special law to halt discussion of it more than a decade ago. This year, lawmakers are considering whether to lift the "Dan Patch moratorium." (04/29/2013)
The Senate Transportation Finance Committee approved a spending bill Wednesday that would change the way the state collects the gas tax to pay for roads and bridges. (04/17/2013)
The House Transportation Finance Committee Monday approved a bill that would allow all counties to impose an optional half-cent sales tax and a $10 annual vehicle registration fee to pay for infrastructure improvements. The bill would also boost funding for greater Minnesota transit. (04/15/2013)
The Minnesota House Transportation Finance Committee is expected to vote Monday on a transportation spending bill that would allow all counties to impose a half-cent sales tax and a $10 annual vehicle registration fee to pay for infrastructure improvements. (04/15/2013)
The chairs of the House and Senate Transportation committees are redrafting their budget bills after Governor Dayton repeated his opposition to a gas tax increase. Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis, says they are reworking the bill after Dayton's comments earlier in the day. (04/09/2013)
Transit supporters and opponents are reacting to a call by Gov. Dayton for a new quarter cent sales tax for the seven-county metro area. The money raised would go toward funding more transit projects in the region, including light rail and bus lines. (01/23/2013)
House Republicans are proposing a $120 million cut over the next two years to transit services. Senate Republicans would cut $32 million. (04/21/2011)
MnDOT is recruiting 500 drivers in Hennepin and Wright counties to travel with GPS-enabled smart phones for a "Minnesota Road Fee Test." (04/19/2011)
At the state Capitol today, a joint House-Senate committee heard suggestions for possible additional laws against cell phone use in cars and measures to prevent distracted driving. (03/03/2010)
State and local transportation officials meet Thursday to discuss the long list of bridge and highway projects that are waiting for funding. But they know that the wish list is much longer -- and more expensive -- than the state can afford. That means many highway improvements that should be done, won't be. (01/28/2010)
A member of the state Senate Transportation Committee says Minnesota will have to raise its gasoline tax to help pay for roads and bridges. (09/10/2009)
State transportation officials announced a long list of highway and bridge construction projects that will get underway shortly in Minnesota. (04/08/2009)
State officials say Minnesota is working on a pilot program to test the idea of charging drivers for each mile they drive. Other states around the country are considering a vehicle mileage tax, as revenues from the gas tax are expected to decline. (03/18/2009)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced $180 million worth of new road and bridge projects in greater Minnesota today. The projects will be funded by federal stimulus dollars. (02/25/2009)
The new stimulus agreement sends $46 billion to transportation projects such as highway, bridge and mass transit construction. While Minnesota's share of that is not known, the federal funds are sure to be another factor as lawmakers figure out how much to spend on road projects. (Midmorning, 02/12/2009)

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