Minnesota Legislature: Social Issues

A group of Minnesota religious leaders are pressing for action at the state Capitol for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state. But the effort isn't likely to get very far this year. (03/17/2009)
A proposal to legalize same-sex marriages in Minnesota is getting renewed attention at the State Capitol, even though one of the bill's authors doesn't expect more than a single hearing. (02/12/2009)
House Republicans say Minnesota has become a "welfare magnet," and they're calling on fellow lawmakers to change the system. (01/21/2009)
Auditor James Nobles says figures showing more than $10 million in out-of-state purchases last year are "red flags" and need to be investigated, even though it's legal to use the cards in other states. (08/13/2008)
The $10 billion package - accounting for almost 30 cents of every state dollar - was approved 86-45. It aims to cover at least 50,000 uninsured children within four years and cut medical costs by linking payments to how successfully providers treat patients. (04/21/2007)
The Senate on Saturday voted to allow same-sex partners of state workers to buy into the state's health insurance program, even as opponents charged it was a stealth attempt to clear a path for legalized gay marriage. (03/24/2007)
Supporters of the legislation say the measure is about fairness for gay couples that have been in committed relationships for years. But critics say the bill sends a bad message and worry it could lead to a legal challenge to a state law that forbids same sex couples to marry. (03/12/2007)
Both sides on the abortion rights debate are marking today's 34th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing a women's right to an abortion. (01/22/2007)
The DFL-controlled Minnesota Senate has side-stepped a showdown over abortion by stripping several measures out of its budget bill. (05/08/2006)
The two groups pushing hardest for a constitutional ban on gay marriage in Minnesota have not filed lobbyist disclosure reports, despite their work at the forefront of a debate that's dominated the Capitol much of the last three years. (04/24/2006)
If Minnesota bans gay marriage, would the state be less creative? A group of advertisers and public relations professionals believe it might. (04/14/2006)
Midday presents highlights of Tuesday's debate before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which voted the marriage amendment down on a 5-4 vote. (Midday, 04/05/2006)
Ending more than a year of gridlock, a Senate committee today finally held a hearing on -- and then voted down -- a controversial bill that would put the definition of marriage on November's ballot as an amendment to the state constitution. (04/04/2006)
If a proposed amendment to the Minnesota constiution passes, it's clear that same-sex marriage would be illegal and that civil unions would be out, too. But some amendment opponents have alleged that inheritance and adoption rights for gay couples and even domestic partner benefits for heterosexual couples could be in jeopardy. (Midday, 03/31/2006)
Gay couples in Massachusetts say allowing gay marriage in that state has strengthened their relationships. They say gay marriage has done little to change the lives of others. But opposition to the issue remains. (03/30/2006)

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