Minnesota Legislature: Public Safety

Minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill that would ensure young people engaging in prostitution are treated as victims - not criminals. Prosecutors in the Twin Cities and Duluth areas have already thrown support behind the so-called "safe harbor" law, saying the new approach will get kids the treatment they need and keep them safe. (05/15/2011)
The police chiefs of Minneapolis and St. Paul spoke out Thursday against legislation that would expand the rights of people to use deadly force to defend themselves. (05/12/2011)
Republican-backed bill would spend nearly $2 billion over the next two years. (03/31/2011)
House Republicans are recommending a measure that would require counties to house state prisoners with less than two months remaining on their sentence in the local jail or workhouse. (03/22/2011)
Gov. Dayton signed a bill Tuesday to increase penalties for people who harm police dogs. (03/22/2011)
Republicans have said cuts to state spending would not impact the state's most vulnerable residents, but their first budget bill may break that promise. (02/09/2011)
Several participants in Minnesota's sex offender treatment program could be freed by Minnesota courts this year. That has lawmakers evaluating the benefits, and costs, of the state's program to keep sex offenders locked up, even after they leave prison. (02/08/2011)
A state legislator says he wants to stop police from using seat belt enforcement as a moneymaking enterprise. (01/14/2011)
Governor Tim Pawlenty has signed a bill that increases protection for domestic violence victims. (05/11/2010)
The Minnesota House has approved legislation that would require some convicted drunken drivers blow into an alcohol detection device before driving their car. (04/26/2010)
The Office of the Legislative Auditor is recommending the state develop data security standards when hiring outside contractors handling private data, in the wake of problems the state encountered with a Texas-based firm hired to do employment verification. (04/21/2010)
Minnesota lawmakers approved legislation that increases punishment for bringing weapons to school while going a little easier on fake guns and BB guns. (04/15/2010)
The St. Paul lawmaker who was pushing to crack down on secret police files in the wake of the Gang Strike Force scandal has backed off that effort. (03/26/2010)
A measure to restrict the use of secret police files to fight gang crime in Minnesota has passed a key test at the Capitol. The provision is part of the long-running fallout of a police corruption scandal involving the Twin Cities-based Metro Gang Strike Force. (03/19/2010)
Some tea party activists are speaking out against a move in the Minnesota Legislature to put an end to contested judicial elections. (03/18/2010)

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