Lawmakers will debate whether they should change a 70-year-old law that protects against predatory pricing. Some lawmakers say an exemption should be made for prescription drugs. (02/22/2007)
Several state legislatures, including Minnesota's, are considering bills to mandate that adolescent girls get the company's new vaccine against cervical cancer as a requirement for school attendance. (02/20/2007)
Vaccination against a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer may become mandatory for girls in Minnesota. Midmorning explores the issues behind the human papilloma virus vaccine. (Midmorning, 02/19/2007)
Lawmakers at the state Capitol are debating whether to require 12-year-old girls to get a vaccine that prevents some forms of cervical cancer. Opponents are concerned it would send a mixed message about sexuality to young women. (02/13/2007)
Some Minnesota House lawmakers are pushing a bill that would give tax credits to seniors and their families who purchase independent-living technologies. These are products that are designed to help seniors live on their own for a longer period of time. One mental fitness tool, called cognitive training, is just beginning to catch on in the senior market. (02/11/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty needs "some scientific and ethical education," according to one researcher. (02/07/2007)
Lawmakers heard an hour of testimony, divided equally among supporters and opponents (02/01/2007)
The Minnesota Legislature has taken up a bill that would ban smoking in public places across the state, from restaurants to taxi cabs. Midmorning looks at the feasability and the fairness of the proposal, which is similar to a bill introduced in Wisconsin. (Midmorning, 01/26/2007)
Previous attempts to pass a statewide smoking ban failed, but supporters believe this could be their year for success. Opponents are mounting their own bipartisan effort to quash the legislation. (01/25/2007)
Health care spending is one of the fastest growing segments of the state budget. During the next biennium, it's projected to increase by more than 18 percent. (01/22/2007)
Both sides on the abortion rights debate are marking today's 34th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing a women's right to an abortion. (01/22/2007)
Members of the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition made their pitch for a single-payer system Monday as part of this year's annual Martin Luther King Day march in St. Paul. (01/15/2007)
A day after Senate Democrats touted their plan to cover to more uninsured Minnesotans, Gov. Pawlenty unveiled his health care agenda for the session. Like the Democrats, the Governor proposes covering more uninsured people. But Pawlenty's approach to the problem is quite different. (01/11/2007)
State Senate health care committee leaders released details of a plan Wednesday to insure approximately 40,000 more Minnesotans this session -- and all Minnesotans by 2010. (01/10/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty and legislators agree this is the year to deal with providing universal health insurance coverage to all Minnesota kids. (12/29/2006)

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