Just a little more than two weeks remain before the State Children's Health Insurance Program is set to expire. During its current five-year authorization, the federal program has provided $25 billion to states to insure needy children. (09/13/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty says the latest version of the nearly $10 billion health and human Services bill is still too big. But, he suggested Tuesday that it might win his approval anyway. (05/22/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty has vetoed a health and welfare spending bill that passed the Legislature on Monday. (05/08/2007)
The Minnesota House dismissed a threatened veto by Gov. Pawlenty and passed a health and human services budget bill that had sailed through the Senate earlier Monday. (05/07/2007)
If Minnesotans were dying from something every year at a higher rate than homicide, AIDS, and DWI combined, one might think state policy makers would be doing everything they could to prevent it. (05/07/2007)
The bill passed on a preliminary vote of 33-31, after debate over the agonies of the sick and the danger of sending mixed messages to youth about illegal drugs. (05/01/2007)
A statewide smoking ban expected to get a vote in the Minnesota House Thursday would threaten renegade smokers and permissive proprietors with fines of up to $300. However, the history of local smoking bans in six counties and 10 cities suggests such penalties would be rare. (04/25/2007)
The $10 billion package - accounting for almost 30 cents of every state dollar - was approved 86-45. It aims to cover at least 50,000 uninsured children within four years and cut medical costs by linking payments to how successfully providers treat patients. (04/21/2007)
In what some are calling a landmark step, Gov. Tim Pawlenty and lawmakers in the House and Senate are working on a plan to directly address mental health needs of more than 150,000 Minnesotans. (04/20/2007)
Health officials have linked mesothelioma to the deaths of dozens of miners. They've also found men living in the state's Iron Range region have a high rate of the cancer. (04/17/2007)
Health ought to be its own reward, but Senate Democrats want to give publicly insured patients another incentive to follow their doctor's orders - $20 gift cards. (03/28/2007)
The "Freedom to Breathe Act" would toughen Minnesota's groundbreaking 1975 Clean Indoor Air Act by prohibiting smoking in virtually all enclosed public places, including taxis, transit terminals and even bus stop shelters. (03/27/2007)
The facility has been under extra state and federal scrutiny since state inspectors found problems with care that were linked to the deaths of three residents. (03/09/2007)
Eleven other states already allow marijuana for medical uses, and the Minnesota Legislature has debated it in years past. But this year it looks like a bill may actually pass. (Midday, 03/08/2007)
Every Minnesotan would have health insurance by the year 2011 under a new bill introduced by lawmakers Thursday. (03/08/2007)

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