A breach in a dike along the Red River has prompted the mandatory evacuation of all homes in an area south of downtown Fargo. (03/27/2009)
Tens of thousands of people have volunteered to fill sandbags, build dikes or provide other support in the Red River Valley, as the area prepares for what could be a record flood this weekend. Managing all those volunteers is a monumental task. (03/27/2009)
As officials in Moorhead began to order evacuations in parts of the city, residents were still trying to save their homes. (03/26/2009)
A climatologist, a longtime river hydrologist, and MPR reporter Dan Gunderson give us the latest information on the 2009 Red River flooding, as well as some history and lessons learned from past Minnesota floods. (Midday, 03/26/2009)
As a Code Red was issued this afternoon, signifying an evacuation is possible from Riverfront Circle, and the surrounding neighborhoods, the Morses and John Brummer were not giving up. (03/26/2009)
With evacuations ordered in parts of Fargo and Moorhead, Pres. Barack Obama signed an emergency declaration Thursday night declaring Minn. a disaster area. This comes after the National Weather Service issued a forecast that the crest for the area would reach 41 to 43 feet this weekend. (03/26/2009)
The water remains high in Crookston as the Red Lake River heads for an expected crest. (03/26/2009)
With the order to raise the sandbag levee by another foot, News Cut writer Bob Collins couldn't imagine anyone having the gumption to get back out and sling sandbags. There's a lot of gumption in Moorhead. (03/26/2009)
There's a massive new effort underway in the Red River Valley. A new flood prediction has the Red River in Fargo reaching a record 41-foot crest by early Saturday. That's a foot higher than the community had been planning for. (03/26/2009)
Flood-fighting efforts in the big cities get lots of attention. But all along the valley, there are thousands of farmers who live on isolated farmsteads. It might seem they're left to fight the flooding all alone. But they say, it's no different than in other major cities. (03/26/2009)
What is it like to volunteer to spend 12 or 16-hour days outside sandbagging in the snow and ice? In 1997, kids and students of all ages helped to protect the cities of Fargo and Moorhead. Why do they show up? (03/25/2009)
To explain why the Red River seems to spill over its banks with such consistency, we called Don Schwert, a professor of geology at North Dakota State University in Fargo. (03/25/2009)
The National Weather Service is saying the Red River could crest at 41 feet in Fargo-Moorhead as soon as Saturday. That's nearly a foot higher than it has ever reached before. Midmorning gets the latest on flood preparations and looks at how communities cope with the stress of an impending natural disaster. (Midmorning, 03/25/2009)
The National Weather Service reports that the Red River will reach a new record crest by the weekend, and local officials are scrambling to add some more height to their dikes. (03/25/2009)
While volunteers raced against the clock to hold back waters from a potential flood of the Red River in Moorhead, Minn., a new challenge emerged Tuesday night: snow. Cold weather and snow are creating adverse conditions for volunteers, and threatens the stability of dikes already built. (03/25/2009)


News Cut Video: Flying over the Fargo-Moorhead flood area (3/28/2009)

Slideshow: Flood waters and snowstorm (3/31/2009)

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