The declaration will start the flow of funds to state and local governments and some private non-profits groups for the repair and replacement of damaged facilities. (04/09/2009)
National Weather Service forecasters predict the Red River will crest somewhere between 38 and 40 feet again next week in the Fargo-Moorhead area. That's not as perilous as first expected, but floods on the Minnesota-North Dakota border have created some nasty surprises in the past. (04/09/2009)
Sandbagging efforts in both Fargo and Moorhead are set to continue this week in preparation for the expected second crest. Officials in both cities want to raise all the dikes up to 44 feet. (04/07/2009)
Spring floods are receding for now, but farmers and ranchers in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota are worried that they're on track for a repeat of the dismal year of 1997. (04/06/2009)
People in Fargo-Moorhead are waiting for the second crest of the Red River. It's expected to come in about two weeks, and it could be as high or higher than last week's record crest. (04/05/2009)
Students in Fargo-Moorhead are finally heading back to school after a week and a half off because of flooding in the Red River Valley. (04/05/2009)
Fargo officials don't want residents to panic over the threat of more flooding in their city. They say they'll wait a few days before beginning to prepare for more flooding in the city. (04/04/2009)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation is reporting that some highways remain closed until further notice due to flooding. (04/04/2009)
The governors of Minnesota and North Dakota met in Fargo this afternoon to call for permanent flood protection for Fargo-Moorhead. Local, state and federal officials say it's time for a comprehensive flood protection plan in the Red River valley. (04/03/2009)
Just when people in Fargo-Moorhead were beginning to breathe a little easier, patting each other on the back for the hard work that saved most of their homes and businesses -- they get word that the second crest of the flooding Red River could be worse than the first. (04/03/2009)
Mental health professionals fear flooding in the Red River Valley is taking a mental toll on residents. (04/03/2009)
Getting numbers from a disaster area -- like a flood zone -- is always a challenge. Officials say it's too early to know exactly how many homes have been damaged, let alone how much the damage will cost. In Fargo-Moorhead, people are just beginning to tally that information and the calls to insurance agents have begun. (04/02/2009)
As the Red River slowly recedes into its banks, soggy flood-fighters along its route are facing a different kind of challenge: Navigating state and federal bureaucracies for help in the recovery. (04/02/2009)
As the Red River slowly recedes from a record flood crest, many area residents are returning to assess damage. It will take days, perhaps weeks for city officials in Fargo and Moorhead to get information on how many homes have been damaged or lost. But there are pockets in each city where neighbors will begin to tell their stories of lost basements, lost possessions and even some homes that area a total loss. (04/01/2009)
Life has been anything but normal in the Red River Valley. In Fargo and Moorhead, businesses of all kinds have been closed for nearly a week. That makes it hard for customers, workers, and the bottom line. (04/01/2009)


News Cut Video: Flying over the Fargo-Moorhead flood area (3/28/2009)

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