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Minnesota Election Results 2009

City of St. Paul

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City of St. Paul: Mayor
Precincts reporting 100.0%
Candidate Votes Vote%
NP Christopher B. Coleman 23,380 68.7%
NP Eva Ng 10,496 30.8%
WI Write-In 166 0.5%
City of St. Paul: City Question 1
Shall Chapter 7 of the City Charter be amended to require that the method for electing the Mayor and City Council members be by Single Transferable Voting, sometimes known as Ranked Choice Voting or Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), which is a method without a separate primary election by which voters rank candidates for an office in order of preference on a single ballot: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on^ and votes are then counted in rounds until one candidate emerges with a majority of votes cast^ and with ballot format and rules for counting votes adopted by ordinance?
Precincts reporting 100.0%
Option Votes Vote%
Yes 17,083 52.5%
No 15,486 47.6%

Source: Minnesota Secretary of State

Results are provided by local election offices throughout the state, and are not official. Election offices are not required to report their results. Minneapolis instant runoff voting results reflect the first round, subsequent counts will be posted on the City of Minneapolis website.

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MinneapolisSt. PaulCountiesSchool Districts

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