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Democrat Al Franken's campaign says it has lists of more than 6,400 rejected absentee ballots in the Minnesota Senate race. It will press the state canvassing board to consider the rejected absentee ballots when the board meets tomorrow. (11/25/2008)
Minnesota's U.S. Senate race recount enters its sixth day Tuesday, with Republican incumbent Norm Coleman still holding a narrow lead over Democratic challenger Al Franken. (11/24/2008)
Minnesota is entering the second week of the U.S. Senate recount. About two-thirds of the ballots have been recounted, and election officials are working to finish the remaining precincts by a December 5 deadline. But the recount may not end the matter. (11/24/2008)
A man who claims to be the voter behind the infamous Lizard People ballot in the U.S. Senate race recount has come forward. (11/24/2008)
Saturday's recount results show incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman still leading challenger Democrat Al Franken, but the lead has narrowed and the number of challenged ballots has grown. (11/23/2008)
With nearly 61 percent of votes recounted, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman still leads DFLer Al Franken, but the number of challenged ballots on the third day more than doubled on the third day compared to the first days of the recount. (11/22/2008)
It takes a special person to do the thankless, yet civic-minded, job of recounting nearly 3 million votes cast in the Senate race. Hundreds of election officials, judges and campaign volunteers have spent the past three days inspecting ballots. (11/21/2008)
The number of challenged ballots in the Senate recount has reached a level that has made the slim margin between the two leading candidates meaningless. With more than half of the precincts now recounted, the number of ballots challenged by both Al Franken and Norm Coleman is above the 215 vote margin by which Coleman led Franken at the end of the first count. (11/20/2008)
On day two of the U.S. Senate recount, the campaigns of Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken are both saying they are pleased so far, not only with the process but with the initial numbers as well. (11/20/2008)
It's like the campaign never ended. Senate candidates Al Franken and Norm Coleman are still raising money, their campaigns are still trading barbs and they have staff and volunteers fanned out across the state to press for advantage in the recount. But there is one thing that's not like the campaign: Minnesotans don't get to vote again. (11/20/2008)
It is day two of what Republican Senator Norm Coleman's campaign has dubbed the "Great Minnesota Recount." The numbers from the first day of the state-mandated Senate race recount show, of the ballots that are not in dispute, both Coleman and Democrat Al Franken lost votes from the initial count. (11/20/2008)
On the first day of the statewide recount for U.S. Senate, election officials, party and campaign observers and others gathered at the Election Warehouse in Minneapolis. (11/19/2008)
City and county workers at 107 sites began the long slog through more than 2.9 million ballots in the recount between incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken. (11/19/2008)
Local election officials throughout Minnesota said there was a mostly smooth start today to the manual recount of votes in the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken. (11/19/2008)
Representatives from the campaigns of Sen. Norm Coleman and Al Franken have been challenging ballots across the state. It's your turn to play election judge. Tell us how you would rule in the case of these challenged ballots. (11/19/2008)


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