Minnesota Senate Recount

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Long after the election, the two campaigns continue to aggressively raise money, not to pay for TV commercials and lawn signs, but instead to bankroll their recount operations. (12/04/2008)
Democrat Al Franken's campaign is withdrawing some of the ballots it has challenged during Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount. Meanwhile, there were more vote discrepancies today. (12/03/2008)
Scott and Wright counties will start recounting their votes in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race today. With just three days until the recounting is expected to end, 93 percent of the vote has been recounted and the campaigns for Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken have challenged 6,000 ballots. (12/03/2008)
The Minnesota Secretary of State's office says the campaigns in Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount battle need to reduce the number of ballots their campaigns are challenging. That number is nearing 6,000. (12/02/2008)
Democrat Al Franken has gained 37 votes on Republican Sen. Norm Coleman in the U.S. Senate recount, after Ramsey County found 171 ballots that weren't counted on election night. (12/02/2008)
More than 90 percent of the votes are counted in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race, amid charges of missing ballots and thousands of challenges. The ballot recount must be completed by Friday. (Midday, 12/02/2008)
The Secretary of State's office has released copies of 1,000 of the 5943 contested ballots so far. MPR News found many of the challenges to be frivolous. (12/02/2008)
Al Franken's attorney said today he's concerned about ballots that he says are missing in the Senate recount. The Franken campaign says it's investigating why, in some areas, more ballots were counted on Election Day than were found during the recount. (12/01/2008)
Local elections officials will resume the recount in Minnesota's Senate race this week after taking a Thanksgiving break. (12/01/2008)
Local elections officials are expected to resume recounting votes in the U.S. Senate election on Monday after taking time off for the Thanksgiving holiday. (11/28/2008)
Minnesota saw its last big recount battle in 1962. The following year, Twin Cities Newspaper Guild roasted the recount at its Gridiron Dinner with a little ditty sung to the tune of "I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover." (11/26/2008)
In a blow to Democrat Al Franken, absentee ballots that were rejected by poll workers won't be included in Minnesota's Senate recount. (11/26/2008)
The state's U.S. Senate recount offers a rare look into the various voting methods of Minnesotans. But, Minnesota isn't the only state where voters take creative liberties with their ballots. (11/26/2008)
The fate of thousands of rejected absentee ballots in the U.S. Senate race could be determined Wednesday when the State Canvassing Board meets to discuss the issue. Democrat Al Franken's campaign is asking the five member board to consider the ballots and whether elections officials made the right decision when they discarded the ballots. (11/26/2008)
The latest official numbers on the Minnesota Senate recount have the pile of contested ballots growing. It now stands at nearly 3,600. (11/25/2008)


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