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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
The I-35W bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis collapsed during rush hour on August 1, 2007, plunging dozens of cars and their occupants into the river. The calamity disrupted transportation, aimed a spotlight on public infrastructure, and evoked an outpouring of public response.

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A bridge is thousands of pieces of metal and concrete. It's built to withstand all manner of weather and stress. And most bridges do exactly that -- for up to 100 years. So why did the 35W bridge collapse after only 40 years? (08/08/2007)
It's been one week since the I-35W bridge collapsed. To mark this occasion, Midday offers a special one-hour broadcast featuring the latest on the investigation, the stories of the survivors and a rememberance of the victims. (Midday, 08/08/2007)
The collapse of the I-35W bridge has sparked widespread concern about how transportation infrastructure is maintained. How much should we spend on our roads, and where should that money come from? (Midday, 08/08/2007)
For the people who watched the tragedy unfold on their television sets, Tuesday night's National Night Out in Minneapolis proved to be a way for some residents living by the river to express their grief and hopes for healing the city. (08/08/2007)
The push to rebuild the I-35W bridge is on the "fastest of fast tracks" with the hopes that the new bridge will be built by the end of next year. Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are accepting applications from companies that intend to bid on the job through Wednesday morning at 6. (08/07/2007)
Peter Hausmann was a computer security specialist worked at Assurity River Group in St. Paul. The company's president says Hausmann was a quiet leader and a man of faith. (08/07/2007)
Kelly Kahle and Kimberly Brown were crossing the I-35W bridge when the bridge fell from under the car. In this multimedia presentation, they tell their story. (08/07/2007)
After a disaster, cities rely heavily on the training of their emergency workers, and the leadership of their managers. Midmorning focuses on the immediate challenges of managing a disaster. (Midmorning, 08/07/2007)
Navy divers studied the wreckage Tuesday dumped into the Mississippi River by the collapse of a highway bridge, planning their search for bodies believed hidden in the debris and murky water. (08/07/2007)
Michael Stoner told a heart-wrenching tale last week of being caught in the Minneapolis bridge collapse as he and his fiancee rushed to the hospital to be with her injured 2-year-old daughter. Stoner is accused of inflicting the life-threatening injuries the child suffered. (08/07/2007)
Midday talks with Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan and Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek about the recovery efforts. (Midday, 08/07/2007)
Research suggests that selfless and altruistic behavior may be more hardwired in some people than others. (Midmorning, 08/07/2007)
The family of Sherry Engebretsen says she was a devoted mother and wife who loved the Beatles, books and sports. Ron Engebretsen and his daughters, Jessica and Anne, shared stories about Sherry Monday as they sat in the backyard of their Shoreview home (08/06/2007)
Dozens of people survived the I-35W bridge collapse. Some were seriously injured, others escaped with minor injuries. But all are experiencing the emotions that come after surviving a brush with death. Experts say understanding those emotions will take time and patience. (08/06/2007)
Minneapolis police officers say nothing could have prepared them for what they found when they arrived on the scene of the I-35 bridge collapse. (08/06/2007)

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