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U.S. Senate: John Uldrich

John Uldrich, who describes himself as a "centrist Republican," launched his campaign on February 22, 2006. He is the father of Jack Uldrich, who briefly was a candidate under the Independence Party banner. In announcing his campaign, Uldrich said "given the major issues of national debt, national security, Social Security, medical care & costs, energy and the looming threat of global warming, leadership with broad experience is what is called for." Uldrich says he served two years active duty in the Marines and says he "served the country with two covert missions in 1956 - one in Yugoslavia and the other in the USSR." He was the co-founder of Vexilar Inc., an international marketing company of marine electronics and related consumer-oriented product line. He also is interested in aviation. He and his wife, according to Uldrich, located, retrieved and repatriated remnants of the Doolittle Raid (1942) Plane #5 - Lt. Paul Gray's "Whiskey Pete." His campaign slogan was "together we can re-invent America." Uldrich received just over 6 percent of the vote in his primary loss.

Candidate Bio

John Uldrich
Political affiliation:
Republican Party
1936, Grand Rapids, Minn.
Resides in Minneapolis.
Business executive, teacher, writer, patient's advocate at Minneapolis VA.
Bachelor of Science Degree, 1960, Political Science Major, English/Psychology Minor, St. John's University, (MN); Completed course credits for a master's, Asian Studies (focus China/Japan/Korea). University of Pittsburgh (1992-95) and the Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Issues Attended St. John's University from 1954 to early 1956. Graduated in 1960.
Major political experience:
Candidate for Minneapolis School Board, 2004.

Links and Resources

Campaign Web site:
Document www.johnuldrichforussenate.com

Candidate Pages

A budget-cutting package in the U.S. House would reduce funding for programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and student loans. Opponents of the bill are targeting four Minnesota Republicans, including 6th District Rep. Mark Kennedy, who's running for U.S. Senate. (11/16/2005)
Another Democrat is entering the 2006 race for U.S. Senate. Veterinarian Ford Bell formally launches his campaign Friday. On the Republican side, Vice President Dick Cheney will be in Minnesota raising money for Rep. Mark Kennedy, who's also running for Senate. (07/22/2005)
Senate candidates Mark Kennedy, Amy Klobuchar and Patty Wetterling each list assets of less than $1 million in financial disclosure forms while a fourth candidate said his assets and liabilities both exceed $50 million, according to an Associated Press review. (05/27/2005)
Citing the potential for a divisive campaign ahead, conservative former U.S. Sen. Rod Grams said Sunday he is ending his bid to return to the Senate in 2006. (04/25/2005)
Democrat Amy Klobuchar officially entered the race for U.S. Senate on Sunday. So far only Klobuchar and Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy have formally launched campaigns for the seat DFLer Mark Dayton will leave at the end of next year. (04/17/2005)
Another Republican Party heavy hitter, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, endorsed U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy's 2006 campaign Monday as the congressman's lone GOP rival lashed out at party bosses he said were counting him out too soon. (03/07/2005)
Sixth District Rep. Mark Kennedy, R-Minn., has already begun campaigning for U.S. Senate even though Minnesotans won't vote for nearly two years. Democrats say Kennedy is shirking his House of Representatives duties in favor of his Senate bid. (02/25/2005)
U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy is the first candidate to officially jump into the U.S. Senate race. Kennedy, a Republican, announced Friday that he will run for the seat being vacated by DFLer Mark Dayton. (02/11/2005)
Sen. Mark Dayton's decision to bow out after one term touched off a flurry of talk Wednesday about Democrats who might try to move up the political ladder. (02/09/2005)
Republican Rod Grams is pondering a political comeback with a possible challenge to Democratic Sen. Mark Dayton, who knocked him out of office in 2000. (02/02/2005)
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