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Governor: Tim Pawlenty

Gov. Tim Pawlenty won his office in 2002 in a three-way race, accumulating 45 percent of the vote cast. His election highlighted a Republican shift in Minnesota. Although faced with massive budget deficits from the start, Pawlenty's job approval ratings have been consistently high. The hallmark of his administration has been his decision to sign -- and stick by -- the Minnesota Taxpayers League no-new-taxes pledge.

Pawlenty's name has been mentioned quite often in musings about Minnesota politicians who may have a future in national politics. While insisting he has no designs on higher office, his visit to the Club for Growth in New York City during the 2004 Republican National Convention, raised eyebrows since the club is considered a kingmaker for politicians with an interest in a bigger stage. And club members were smitten with Pawlenty's stance on taxes and the economy.

If he does have intentions beyond the governor's office, the election of 2006 is critical if he is to maintain a position from which he can launch other campaigns. He won the September 2006 primary, easily beating Sue Jeffers 89-to-11 percent.

Candidate Bio

Tim Pawlenty
Political affiliation:
Republican Party
November 27, 1960. South St. Paul, Minn.
Married to Mary, two children (Anna, Mara). Resides in Eagan. Protestant.
Governor. Attorney.
South St. Paul High School. BA Political science from University of Minnesota. Law degree from University of Minnesota.
Major political experience:
Eagan City Council member. He served 10 years in the Minnesota House of Representatives, including four as House Majority Leader.

On the Issues

Audio Abortion (3/13/06)
Audio Cigarette fee (3/13/06)
Audio Dedicating sales tax to natural resources (3/13/06)
Audio Dedicating motor vehicle sales tax to transportation (3/13/06)
Audio Early childhood education (3/13/06)
Audio Higher ed (3/13/06)
Audio Health care (3/13/05)
Audio Jobs (10/09/06)
Audio Local government aid (3/13/06)
Audio Marriage bill (3/13/06)
Audio Smoking ban (3/13/05)
Audio Taxes (3/13/06)
Audio Transit (3/13/06)

Campaign Contribution Report

Total receipts
Cash on hand
Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board 2006

Links and Resources

Campaign Web site:
Governor's Web site:

Candidate Pages

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is asking Attorney General Mike Hatch to consider stepping aside in the event a budget impasse requires a court order to keep critical state services running. (06/03/2005)
The lineup card for Minnesota's 2006 governor's race is starting to fill up. Two more potential challengers to Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty took steps this week toward running. (05/26/2005)
Attorney General Mike Hatch has taken another step toward running for governor in 2006. Hatch sent a fundraising letter to DFL contributors, asking them to help him finance a gubernatorial campaign. While the election is still a year and a half away, Hatch isn't the only Democrat considering the governor's race. (05/25/2005)
There's talk among some Republicans that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty might be a good candidate for president or vice president in 2008. Some say in addition to being in line with the GOP on the issues, Pawlenty could help win votes from Minnesota and other Midwestern battleground states. (04/08/2005)