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Governor: Tim Pawlenty

Gov. Tim Pawlenty won his office in 2002 in a three-way race, accumulating 45 percent of the vote cast. His election highlighted a Republican shift in Minnesota. Although faced with massive budget deficits from the start, Pawlenty's job approval ratings have been consistently high. The hallmark of his administration has been his decision to sign -- and stick by -- the Minnesota Taxpayers League no-new-taxes pledge.

Pawlenty's name has been mentioned quite often in musings about Minnesota politicians who may have a future in national politics. While insisting he has no designs on higher office, his visit to the Club for Growth in New York City during the 2004 Republican National Convention, raised eyebrows since the club is considered a kingmaker for politicians with an interest in a bigger stage. And club members were smitten with Pawlenty's stance on taxes and the economy.

If he does have intentions beyond the governor's office, the election of 2006 is critical if he is to maintain a position from which he can launch other campaigns. He won the September 2006 primary, easily beating Sue Jeffers 89-to-11 percent.

Candidate Bio

Tim Pawlenty
Political affiliation:
Republican Party
November 27, 1960. South St. Paul, Minn.
Married to Mary, two children (Anna, Mara). Resides in Eagan. Protestant.
Governor. Attorney.
South St. Paul High School. BA Political science from University of Minnesota. Law degree from University of Minnesota.
Major political experience:
Eagan City Council member. He served 10 years in the Minnesota House of Representatives, including four as House Majority Leader.

On the Issues

Audio Abortion (3/13/06)
Audio Cigarette fee (3/13/06)
Audio Dedicating sales tax to natural resources (3/13/06)
Audio Dedicating motor vehicle sales tax to transportation (3/13/06)
Audio Early childhood education (3/13/06)
Audio Higher ed (3/13/06)
Audio Health care (3/13/05)
Audio Jobs (10/09/06)
Audio Local government aid (3/13/06)
Audio Marriage bill (3/13/06)
Audio Smoking ban (3/13/05)
Audio Taxes (3/13/06)
Audio Transit (3/13/06)

Campaign Contribution Report

Total receipts
Cash on hand
Source: Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board 2006

Links and Resources

Campaign Web site:
Governor's Web site:

Candidate Pages

Tim Pawlenty survived a scare and claimed a second term as Minnesota governor in come-from-behind fashion. His DFL opponent, Mike Hatch, conceded the race this morning. (11/08/2006)
With the final debate behind them, the candidates for governor hit the road Monday with a series of campaign stops to energize their voters and search out those who are still undecided. (11/06/2006)
Minnesota Public Radio's Nov. 5 gubernatorial debate between DFLer Mike Hatch, Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson and Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty. ( 11/06/2006)
Tax topics took top billing Sunday night as the debate season closed in Minnesota's tight race for governor. (11/05/2006)
Democratic candidate Mike Hatch, the frontrunner in the race for Minnesota governor, took heat Friday from two rivals over a temper he displayed in the campaign's stretch run. (11/04/2006)
A recent Minnesota Public Radio/Pioneer Press poll suggests that only 7 percent of Minnesota voters haven't decided who they want to put in the governor's office for the next four years. That means 93 percent have made up their minds. Eight of those decided voters explain their decisions. (Midday, 11/03/2006)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been seen as a rising star in the Republican Party, but he's locked in a close race with DFL candidate Mike Hatch. (11/03/2006)
Democrat Mike Hatch sought to reassure voters of his expertise on ethanol on Thursday, a day after his running mate drew a blank when she was questioned in farm country about E-85. (11/02/2006)
A new Minnesota Public Radio/St. Paul Pioneer Press poll shows the governor's race remains locked in a dead heat with just six days until the election. (11/01/2006)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with the three campaign managers for the major party candidates for Minnesota governor. (10/31/2006)
The poll shows Democrat Mike Hatch with 6-point lead over Republican Tim Pawlenty in the race for governor. (10/31/2006)
Minnesota's candidates for governor sparred Sunday night in their first televised debate of the campaign. Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, DFL candidate Mike Hatch and the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson disagreed on issues such as transportation, immigration and property taxes. (10/29/2006)
With less than two weeks to go until the election, GOP candidates are running ads on immigration. One reason is that the issue is important to GOP voters. (10/27/2006)
A collection of recent Minnesota Public Radio reports examining some of the issues in the races for the U.S. Senate and the governor's office. (Midday, 10/26/2006)
Like he did in the stretch run four years ago, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty began airing an immigration-themed ad. Meanwhile, Democratic challenger Mike Hatch expressed a willingness to approve a gas tax increase despite his personal opposition to it. (10/25/2006)
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